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The Next Generation of Gaming Heats up for the Holidays on eBay

-THE * NEXT GENERATION OF GAMING heats up for the holidays on eBay The highly anticipated Xbox One and PlayStation 4 arrived with a bang as gamers worldwide scrambled to be the first to get their hands on the next generation of gaming. With units flying off the shelves, gamers searching for the sold-out Xbox One and PS4 flocked to eBay to score the newest consoles and two of the most sought-after items this holiday season. With thousands of listings for the new consoles, eBay will remain a destination for the latest in gaming throughout the holiday season. Since II/15, more than 80,000 next generation consoles have been sold on eBay That's over 2 2/min consoles sold per minute OR OR That's enough consoles to fill every seat in the Oakland Coliseum That's enough consoles to stretch across the That's more than double the height of Mount Everest from sea level average distance across the Grand Canyon, if placed end-to-end to its highest point, if stacked end-to-end 19,000 25,000 50% Current listings for next generation consoles on eBay! Approximate number of games for next generation consoles sold on eBay! Approximate increase in number of used consoles sold on eBay? Top countries purchasing next generation consoles on eBay • Xbox One PS4 1 United States United States 2 Canada Canada 3 United Kingdom Brazil 4 Saudi Arabia United Kingdom 5 Brazil Norway Where the state lines are drawn Consoles residents of each state may prefer based on the percentage of total sales of each console on eBay. I Xbox One I PS4 While they may disagree. when it comes to the gaming system they prefer, Xbox One and PS4 shoppers on eBay are fairly similar when it comes to other items they shop for on eBay. And what they shop for may dispel perceptions of gamers being people who sit on the couch and play games all day. Both groups have an affinity for searching for items in the: sports, fitness and exercise categories, as well as New Balance and Air Jordan shoes.4 Is it a coincidence? Users who own more video game consoles are more likely to believe in the inevitability of the zombie apocalypse. Users who have ever beat a video game are more likely to think mankind should colonize other planets. ebay Sources: Wikipedia , Official Grand Canyon website 1 Based on eBay next generation console sales from 11/15 – 12/9 2 Based on eBay sales data from 11/15 – 12/1 when compared to sales data for the 10 days prior to 11/15 3 Data based on the percentage of total sales of each respective console in each state/territory. Not based on overall sales volume. 4 Data based on aggregate search data of the groups of next generation console shoppers on eBay. 5 Stats are based on aggregated and anonymized responses to Teach Hunch About You (THAY) questions answered on, as well as predictions from Hunch's taste graph.

The Next Generation of Gaming Heats up for the Holidays on eBay

shared by LGuerra on Dec 11
Xbox One vs. PS4 - How next generation consoles compare with the new systems out for the holidays?




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