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Need-to-Know Word Lists for Scrabble and Words With Friends

MUST-KNOW SCRABBLE WORDS Here are the top Scrabble word lists that will give you a HUGE scoring advantage. TWO-LETTER WORDS There are 125 two-letter words that are valid in Scrabble. Memorizing these words makes it easier to find lucrative parallel plays. Just a few high-scoring two-letter words include ZA, XI, QI, XU, and JO. 1 10 THREE-LETTER WORDS You can form many three-letter words off two-letter words. For example, you can place a B before AA to make BAA. You can also place H, L and Safter AA to make AAH, AAL and AAS respectively. 4 A A H 1 3 UNUSUAL HOOK WORDS Like many three-letter words, hook words are formed by placing a letter(s) in front of and/or behind an existing word. For example, CHARMED can be played off ARM. Abought, Acold, wonS, Paeon, Dhole and childE are other examples. w O N S Q WITHOUT U WORDS Some unique Q without U words include PMBAQANGA, FAQIR, QANAT, QINDAR, QIVIUT, QOPH, QWERTY, SHEQEL, UMIAQ, QI (QIS for plural), and TRANQ (TRANQS for plural). Try to place the high-value Q tile on a double or triple letter/word space to score the maximum points. S ZING 10 - ING WORDS THAT TAKE AN S PEACEKEEPINGS, HAIRSTYLINGS, BEEKEEPINGS, MYTHMAKINGS, IMPRINTINGS, MAPMAKINGS, CROSSINGS, MASKINGS, BOXINGS, BORINGS and LIGHTINGS are just a few examples. Here is the full list of words that end in INGS. 10 F A QIR 6 WORDS WITHOUT VOWELS There is a host of little-known words without vowels that can help you win Scrabble. TSKTSK (TSKTSKS for plural), GLYCYL (GLYCYLS for plural) and RHYTHMS are seven- letter words without vowels. Six-letter words with no P Y X vowels include RHYTHM, SPRYLY, SYLPHY and SYZYGY. WORDS WITH J The single J tile in Scrabble is worth 8 points. As such, memorizing words with J can be very useful, especially JO and JA. Either of these two-letter words can be extended with a "Y" in a high-scoring parallel play. V. A JA Z z LE J 10 4-LETTER VOWEL DUMPS 4-letter words with one consonant can help you knock out a vowel-heavy rack. Many of these 4-letter words start with A, but a number of others start with E, I, O, U and consonants such as EAUX, IXIA, OBIA, UNAI and LIEU respectively. E A U X Learn all the need-to-know Scrabble words on ?

Need-to-Know Word Lists for Scrabble and Words With Friends

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I created this infographic as a round-up of the must-know lists of words for Scrabble, Words With Friends, and other word board games. This top word lists graphic includes 2-letter words, 3-letter wor...


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