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Minecraft History Told in version numbers

MINECRAFT EVOLUTION HISTORY FROM 1.8 TO 1.0 VERSION The game Minecraft is an independent game about breaking and placing blocks that became very famous among gamers all over the world. The addictive side of Minecraft is "An infographic created by" based on the freedom it offers: we can create anything we want. Hot Update! 1.8 September 2, 2014 Blocks & Items Mobs Endermite The Bountiful Update (1.8) The most Guardian awaited Mineoraft version is lauohed the 2nd of september of 2014. Rabbit Bulldings Ocean Monument 1.7.10 June 26, 2014 1.7.9 From version 1.7.10 to 1.7.5 April 14, 2014 No major additions at these versions: 1.7.8 Bugs fixed, addi- tions to realms, orashes and skins issues fixed,... April 11, 2014 1.7.7 April 09, 2014 1.7.6 Minecraft, I came, I saw, I mined! April 09, 2014 1.7.5 February 26, 2014 OLIVE 1.7.4 Did You Know? twitch December 18, 2013 17.077.800* people bought Minecraft on PC and Mac game Twitch integration comes to PC and MAC versions 1.7.2 Hot Update! Ootober 25, 2013 Blocks Blomes Items The Update that changed the World (1.7.2) Extreme Hills A major update that ohanged the world generator with its many features! Savanna Mesa 1.6.4 From Version 1.6.4 to 1.6.2 September 19, 2013 No major additions in these versions: Struoture bugs fixed and fixed bugs from version 1.6.1 1.6.2 July 8, 2013 1.6.1 Hot Update! July 1, 2013 Resouroe Pack system General The Horse Update (1.6.1) This update added many features such as horses, oarpets, coal blocks, and Elocks & Items Mobs Horse more .. Status Health Boost Absorption Saturation Effects 1.5.2 From version 1.5.2 to 1.5.1 May 2, 2013 These versions were released to fix the bugs that were released in 1.5 1.5.1 March 21, 2013 1.5 Hot Update! The Redstone March 13, 2013 Update (1.5) Added a lot of redstone related blooks! Blocks Items ersion 1.4.7 Fixed bugs and orashes in 1.4.6. January 9, 2613 1.4.6 Hot Update! December 20, 2012 Version 1.4.6 It inoludes Blocks & Items Thorns enchantment fireworks, enohanted books... Enchant Army enchantments Game play Dianond Chestplate t Protection 1 Unbreaking 1 Inventory Version 1.4.5 1.4.5 November 2o, 2012 Fixed bugs and orashes in 1.4.4. 1.4.4 November 14, 2012 Version 1.4.4 It isn't a big update, but now Creepers can drop musio disos if they're killed by a Skeleton. Game play 1.4.2 Hot Update! Üctober 25, 2012 Blocks Items The pretty soary Update (1.4.2) Mobs It added a large number of soary mobs: witches, bats, zombie villagers and wither skeletons. Witch Bat Wither Zombie Skeleton Villagers Colored sheeps now drop oolored wool! Game play Version 1.3.2 1.3.2 Fixed bugs and August 16, 2012 orashes in 1.3.1. Hey! Some Popular Minecraft Quotes: * "DIGGY DIGGY HOLE" -Honeydew * "Give me some sugar- cane, girl" -Tobuscus * "So I just watched a zombie jump in lava and kill himself, which was cool. So how was your day?" -JeromeASF 1.3.1 Hot Update! August 1, 2012 Blocks Items Buildings Version 1.3.1 It's a big update! It inoludes the new adventure mode, new important buildings, some interesting items such as ender ohest, written books... Desert temple Jungle temple Trading: Allows players to trade emeralds for items with NPC villagers Game play 15-19 e 15-19 2-4 Version 1.2.5 1.2.5 Fixed bugs and orashes in 1.2.4 and added new features. April 4, 2012 1.2.4 March 22, 2612 Version 1.2.4 Added sandstone Blocks & Items blooks and new wood plants From version 1.2.3 1.2.3 to 1.2.2 March 2, 2612 Fixed bugs, orashes, and several issues in version 1.2.1. 1.2.2 March 1, 2012 Did you know? At Rooky Bytes Mineoraft won 2 Speoial Awards: EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED 1.2.1 Hot Update! March 1, 2012 Blocks Mobs Items Version 1.2.1 Ocelot This update includes new features like jungle and zombie sieges! It also in- oludes new mobs Blomes Jungle suoh as the Ooelot, as well as items like the enchanted Iron Golem Zombie sieges: Many zombies spawning in a village. bottle. Game play 1.1 January 12, 2012 Version 1.1 A minor update that added the superflat world biome and spawn eggs! Blocks & Items Supērflat world Blomes 1.0 The Official Release! November 18, 2011 Blocks & Items Mobs Ender Dragon Mooshroom Villager Manga cube Blaze Blomes Mushroom island Hether Fortless Status Effecots: Now available! Status Effects Hardcore ON! Item repair Game Game Mode: Hardcore Crafting play Brewing End Portal Enchanting Lnchant 1000 1.0 Minecraft Official Version During Minecon, the offioial release of Mineoraft was launched by Notch on the 18th of November, 2011. 000 00 O 000 0 0 000 : The End : 000 000 000 000 000 *As of 27th October 2014 This original infographic was created by ROCKY. BYTES Using these list of sources:

Minecraft History Told in version numbers

shared by clara.aguirre on Oct 28
The first Minecraft version evolution history is created by Rocky Bytes, the popular software directory has been the first one to generate this useful infographic where you can find easily the changes...






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