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Metal Gear: How Snake Became Big Boss

METAL GEAR FROM NAKED TT PUNISHED: HTW SNAKE AECAME AIG ATS Metal Gear is a videogame saga created by Hideo Kojima. It is perhaps one of the best Tactical Espionage Action series ever created. The storyline is not at all linear, so it can get a bit confusing given that time jumps between games and sends you back in time without you even noticing. Thus, this infographic is a chronological guide for those scatterbrained Metal Gear fans. The Cold War is where the story begins. Our protagonist is a young agent from the Fox Ünit, who is nicknamed Naked Snake. After defeating his mentor, Snake is given the name of Big Boss (although he doesn't accept it) and receives the Philosopher's Legacy, a huge amount of money gathered by the greatest minds of China, USSR and USA. In-game year |1964 METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Snake Eater 2004 METAL GEAR SOLID Portable Ops 2006 Six years after Snake Eater, Fox Unit rises against the USA, so Naked Snake deserts and founds the new Fox Hound unit. After the end of the game and before Peace Walker events, "Les Enfants Terribles" project is carried out. Naked Snake is cloned, creating his three clone sons: Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake and Solid Snake. In-game year 1970 After witnessing "Les Enfants Terribles" project two years ago, Naked Snake to leave the Patriots (an organization founded by Major Zero using half of the Philosopher's legacy) and founds his own mercenary company, Frontières decides METAL GEAR SOLID Peace Walker 2010 In-game year 1974 (MSF). Sains Eventually, the organization grows larger, Outer Militaires becoming Heaven, whose headquarters is known as Mother Base. METAL GEAR SOLID V Ground Zeroes 2014 Some time after the events of Peace Walker, Big Boss infiltrates Camp Omega (which is ruled by American Forces) to rescue two important agents: Paz and Chico. Meanwhile, Mother Base is attacked by the XOF organization. These events wind up with Big Boss falling into a 9 year coma and losing his left arm. In-game year 1975 XOF 9 years after the destruction of Mother Base, Big Boss (now called Punished Snake) awakes from his coma with a hook instead of an arm. He forms a new mercenary group known as Diamond Dogs. He travels to Afghanistan seeking for revenge for the destruction of Mother Base. As Snake is initially driven by revenge, he discovers a plot by The Patriots (also called Cipher) to create a weapon even more powerful than the Metal Gear System. In-game year METAL GEAR SOLID V The Phantom Pain 2014 Later on, his clone son Solid Snake is passed the baton as the protagonist of the Metal Gear saga. Big Boss still appears in other games, but he is not the main character any longer. The legendary soldier dies in his son's arms in Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriois. Tou are nobody's tool no O PHP nuke

Metal Gear: How Snake Became Big Boss

shared by cfowler on Feb 13
The Metal Gear series has a confusing timeline, to say the very least. Here is a guide for Metal Gear fans that sets the life events of the legendary soldier Snake in chronological order across the ga...


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