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Metal Gear: The evolution of Solid Snake

МЕТAL METALGEAR EVOLUTION OF SOLID SNAKE: FROM A BUNCH OF PIXELS TO THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER Over twenty years have passed since Solid Snake made his first appearance in the original Metal Gear game. Videogaming has changed greaty through the ages, as diú Solid Snake. This infographic ilustrates Snake's evolution from a bunch of pixels to the ultimate soldier. Our protagonist is still trapped in two dimensions, unable to move diagonally. Color palette is broader and animations are smoother. For the first time we can see his face in the codec and fans realize that the 27 year Snake kinda looks like Sylvester Stallone in First Blood. The game was launched only for MSX2 in Japan. Snake knew that graphics engines would get better and better, showing his strengths and weaknesses in higher definition. For this reason it seems, Snake Snake's age: 42 Snake's age: 33 old worked got fashionable haircut and a brand new suit that feels like he's wearing nothing at all! (nothing at all!) out, a METAL GEAR 2 Solid Snake METAL GEAR SOLID 2 Sons of Liberty Snake's age: 23 1990 20013 1987 1998 2008 METAL GEAR SOLID 4 Guns of the Patriots METAL GEAR METAL GEAR SOLID It takes only four colors to create the biggest action hero of all times. Snake was born with only 8-bits, enough for him to start killing enemies and dogs with his bare pixel hands. Metal Gear was launched for MSX, NES, Commodore 64 and DOS. Snake's age: 27 PlayStation's arrival enabled the jump into 3D space for our friend Snake. In fact, this is the first game in the series named Solid, because Snake stopped being a flat image and became a "Solid" 3D model. Nevertheless, it seems like KCE Japan guys forgot to draw him some eyes. We know what you are thinking. "Why is he so decrepit just being 42 years old?" But it's not his fault, not even cigarettes'. Blame his creator, who inserted a viral killswitch in his DNA that caused him to begin the aging process faster. Solid Snake reaches the top form of his graphical development, and just overshadowed by his father in next-gen games: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Snake's age: 35-37 But Snake is not the only one vwho has evolved. The codec has evolved to. 1987 1990 1998 2001 2008 TRANSCIEIVI1R N0.85 HEHORY What's the situation, Snake ? 140.85 This is Snake. WIU ARE T INFIL, TRATE THE ENEMY FORTRESS Do you read me, Otacon? This is Snake. Do you read me? "UTER HEAVEN" THEN 国 DESTRIY THE IR FINIL HEAPIN HIETAIL GEAR. CAMPBP SNAKE ON TIME. sISUAL. O PHP nUKe

Metal Gear: The evolution of Solid Snake

shared by cfowler on Feb 25
With this infographic, you will see the evolution of Solid Snake from the first games in which he was pixels and nothing more, to the present days with his full HD appearance.


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