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Men vs Women Online Gambling Statistics

Men Online Gambling Statistics vs Women Online gambling has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years, and today there are over 1000 different sites, but how do the stats stack up between male and female players online? Male players 82% Female players 18% (ie 82% of men prefer gambling to seeing their ladies!) (that's 18% of women who aren't cooking dinner on time!) Men lose £3,709.44 a year gambling, which is about three pints of lager a day Women lose £2,659.92 a year gambling, which would get them 10 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes Men spend nearly 14 months gambling in their lifetime. During that time they could have sat through around 6,817 football matches Women spend just over 21 months gambling in the average lifetime. That's a potential 15,120 hours of sex their fellas are missing out on. Jan Feb Jan March Dec Jan Feb April March х М 129,600 May April Feb June May June March July Aug April May July Sept Aug June Oct Sept July Nov Oct Aug Dec Nov Sept Jan Feb On average, couples will take 20 minutes to have sex. So men and women are losing out on a total of 129,600 chances to get lucky throughout their lifetime! Favourite Games MEN- WOMEN- ROULETTE ROULETTE Women prefer to leave their fate in the hands of big, shiny, spinning wheels While roulette is 1st, blackjack is a close 2nd. It's possible men can only count up to ten, then they just revert to pictures. 29 The average female gambler is exactly the same as the average age women give birth in the UK. Could it be that new mums need something to distract them from wailing kiddies and daytime The average male gambler is TV? 33 ...about the age the average male realises his salary no longer stretches far enough, could it be they are trying to win more? Jeremy Kyle Men think £6.70 is pushing it for a haircut but stump up an rerage deposit of £94 Women think nothing of spending £94 on a haircut, but will only spend £67 on a gambling deposit £94.00 £67.00 For the same Their average deposit amount alone is losing guys 25 Xbox games a year! money as their average single casino deposit women gamblers could treat themselves to a 90 minute luxury facial treatment at a top spa Brought to you by Please Gamble Responsibly LIVE Sources ROULETTE

Men vs Women Online Gambling Statistics

shared by mcharalambous on Aug 22
This is an infographic depicting the difference in gambling behavioural habits adopted by men and women online. It shows facts explaining how long each gender spends playing at online casinos, how muc...




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