Map Of Video Game Spending In The U.S.

CITIES THAT SPEND THE MOST ON UIDEO GAMES TOP 20 CITIES more spent than average HUNTINGTON, NY NORTH HEMPSTEAD, NY LAREDO, TX 4. 4.08 2.32 2.23 2.12 1.99 1.99 CHESAPEAKE, VA MODESTO, CA PITTSBURGH, PA 7 EL PASO, TX 8 CINCINNATI, OH 9 BUFFALO, NY 10 VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 11 ROCHESTER, NY 12 BIRMINGHAM, AL 13 MIAMI, FL 14 HONOLULU, HI 15 TOLEDO, OH 16 BATON ROUGE, LA 17 CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 18 PLANO, TX 19 FRESNO, CA 20 ST. LOUIS, MO 1.97 1.95 1.88 1.82 1.77 1.77 1.72 1.69 1.66 1.57 1.50 1.47 1.47 1.37 HIGHEST SPENDING VERY HIGH SPENDING O HIGH SPENDING AVERAGE SPENDING JLOW SPENDING O VERY LOW S PENDING O LOWEST SPENDING Methodology: We established our rankings by looking at average transactions al video game merchants GameStop, Steam and EBGames in the lop 100 cities in the U.S. from July 2010 to June 2011. Data is based on millions of anonymized spending transactions from the U.S. government, Citi and other third party data providers. We found the average video game spending in the top 100 cities, and then normalized the data based on the average. bindle III----

Map Of Video Game Spending In The U.S.

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
Bundle put together an infographic (or rather a map) of the cities in the U.S. which have the highest spending on games, and they might actually surprise you. With the economy being in a chaotic state...


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