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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Nintendo Kid IcaruS UPRISING TM NINTENDO3DS. Weapons New to the Nintendo 3DS - Kid Icarus: Uprising. Join the young angel Pit in an action game full of fierce aerial combat, gripping ground-based rumbles and spectacular boss battles. In this latest Nintendo 3DS game Pit can utilise a variety of weapon types in his fight against Medusa's forces. While each weapon type has certain characteristics, every weapon has its own unique attributes. Blades o Samurai Blade Its slashing attacks are the most powerful of any blade. First Blade Easy to use and suitable for all sorts of battle situations. Viper Blade Though its projectiles are small, they are sharp, have a very long range and are capable of poisoning enemies. Burst Blade Fires several projectiles at once, so can hit enemies over a wide area. Weight The weapon you are carrying affects your movement speed. Lightweight weapons such as claws enable you to move very quickly and so are good for hit and run attacks. Heavy weapons such as Cannons don't allow you to move very fast but are more destructive. Range Each weapon has a different attack range. A charged shot launched from Orbitars has over Royal Blade An especially good weapon to use when fleeing, as its backwards dash charged shot is very powerful. twice the range of one launched from an Arm. Use Oribatrs to hit enemies that are far off and Arms to take down nearby foes. Staves XX Insight Staff The bullets of this basic staff are not guided but they have a much greater range than all other weapons. Ancient Staff Its projectiles seem to cling to the air ready to paralyse any enemies they touch. Claws o Brawler Claws Melee weapons, made especially for a champion prize fighter. Tiger Claws The Tiger Claws allow Pit the impressive speed of a wild animal! Trajectory Each weapon has a different attack trajectory. Weapons such as Claws have a straight firing line, and although their shots travel quickly, they can be blocked by walls and other obstacles. Cannons have a curved Homing Shots Some weapons fire shots that home in on enemies. Blades fire in a straight line, but a Bow's will automatically home in on enemies that are near the targeting sight, making it much easier to core a hit. arrow Wolf Claws The fiery claws of a wild wolf, capable of setting enemies ablaze and causing additional damage. trajectory, meaning vou can hit a hidden enemies. Bows Meteor Bow Firing comets that draw their energy from the entirety of the night sky, this weapon has the longest range of any bow. Fortune Bow Made from two types of metal that counter each other's weaknesses, making for a well balanced weapon. Palms o Midnight Palm Designed primarily as a defensive item, the Midnight Palm makes it easy to repel Violet Palm A well-balanced model, which unleashes a terrifying storm when fired continuously. enemy attacks. O Clubs S Skyscraper Club Its projectiles look like pieces of buildings, and are extremely destructive at close range. Ore Club This weapon is a raw lump of ore from the Mountain of the Gods, crudely fashioned into a club. Black Club Though its projectiles guided, they are very slow, and its large size makes it cumbersome. Babel Club This weapon unleashes enormous sandstorms that repeatedly strike an individual. Weapon Strength Some weapons have different attributes despite having the same name. These attributes affect the strength or your attacks and influence other aspects of your battlefield abilities. Powerful weapons that have positive effects are often the most expensive. Halo Club Its shots travel quickly, are more destructive at long range and occasionally paralyse their targets. Getting new weapons You can get weapons from enemies or find them in Treasure Boxes, and at the Arms Altar you can redeem collected hearts or weapons. You'll receive hearts when you defeat enemies Cannons Dynamo Cannon This weapon looks like a transistor and fires powerful explosives that hang briefly in mid-air. EZ Cannon Cannons' charged shots can be used to attack enemies directly or you can detonate the bombs against the walls. O O Orbs Guardian Orbitars These weapons are specifically designed for protecting other team members. Standard Orbitars From their position on Pit's shoulders, Orbitars launch a terrifying flurry of shots at an opponent. Shock Orbitars When these shock orbitars are fired, a powerful electrical charge is released. Arms o Drill Arm The drill shaped projectiles dig into the enemy, causing heavy damage. Crusher Arm Arms have the shortest range of any weapon type, making them useless in long-distance fire fights. Kid IcaruS UPRISING Kid Icarus UPRISING

Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Someone in the Nintendo marketing department has been busy using all the art assets from Nintendo’s media library! Click the below image to take a look at a whole bunch of Kid Icarus: Uprising’s w...


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