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It's on like Donkey Kong: A brief history It's On Like DONKEY KONG A BRIEF HISTORY |1933 King Kong becomes the grandfather of Kong-related getting it on in the eponymous King Kong. 1981 The original Donkey Kong debuts on Nintendo; on-getting immediately ensues. 1984 Robert Mori, an otherwise obscure arcade owner from San Francisco, spontaneously coins the phrase after slamming a Colt 45 tallboy. Other Mori-originated catchphrases making the use of slant rhymes (ex: I'm turnin' up the stereo like Mario) fail to gain traction. 1992 Ice Cube popularizes the phrase in the opening of "Now I Gotta Wet'cha," urging listeners to hope Ice Cube don't catcha. 1990's Donkey Kong, along with his accompanying challenge, fades from prominence roughly parallel to Ice Cube's career. 2003 In American Wedding, American Pie's third sequel, Stiffler usesthe phrase to provoke Paul Finch, launching it back into the public consciousness. Ice Cube's dignity remains unrecovered. 2006 The influence of Donkey Kong in competition spreads to The Amazing Race season 9, when the race is declared on in a fashion reminiscent of Kong by contestants BJ and Tyler. 2008 The Rock of Love competition is officially declared on like Donkey Kong, with the objective of becoming the girlfriend of Bret Michaels, who, weirdly, resembles Donkey Kong. February, 2010 A Facebook page is created for Oh Its' On Like Donkey Kong. Some 500 people join the group an estimated 250 of whom later admit they actually meant to join the Celestial Seasonings fanpage. June, 2010 In an episode of the sitcom Are We There Yet, based on the movie of the same name that in turn represented the crumbling of the last fragile shards of lce Cube's credibility, the son character uses the phrase to challenge the mother to a game of cards. As the challenge is issued, Ice Cube can be heard weeping quietly off-screen. Hovember, 2010 Nintendo requests a trademark on the phrase from the U.S. Patent office. December, 2010 Nintendo issues the phrase in response to all legal challenges to the trademark. July, 2011 Some jackass blogger makes an infographic about it, ruining the phrase for everybody and pretty much permanently pounding it into the ground. Like Donkey Kong? westwordcom TTT TT

It's on like Donkey Kong: A brief history

shared by Netta on Aug 05
‚ÄčThe basic origin of the phrase "It's on like Donkey Kong" is clear enough: the 1981 video game, in which said large ape somewhat inexplicably terrorizes a construction site




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