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Introductory Rules - Checkers Game

INTRODUCTORY RULES for CHECKERS Parker Brothers once METT COM EHEME LINDON Mak The Game of Checkers ( also called Draughts ) is about four thousand years old . It was played by the ancient Egyptians ulmost as it is played today . It is known in every country of the world and oddly enough was even played by the savages of New Zealand before the first while people came to that land . THE BOARD : The checker board is divided into 64 alternate light and dark squares . The game of checkers is played on the squares of one color only , and it is common practice to play on the darker colored aquares . THE MEN : There are twenty - four men . One player uses twelve light colored men and the other player uses twelve dark colored men . SET - UP : The board is sel between the two players so that each player has a dark corner space at his left , when the play is on the dark squares . Each player places his twelve men on the dark squares in the first three rows in front of him . This leaves clear the two center rows . OBJECT : The object of the game is to capture all of the opponent's men or else to confine them so that the opponent has no possible move . If neither player can do either of these things the game becomes a draw . PLAY : For the first game draw lots to determine which player has the choice of color of men . In following games players alternately use the dark aud light sets of men . The dark men always have the first move . The movement of one man by a player , employing either the Simple Move or Jump . constitutes his turn .

Introductory Rules - Checkers Game

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Checkers is an excellent game for kids to develop critical thinking, concentration, and strategic skills while having fun. By using visual aids, simplifying the rules, and creating an enjoyable learni...






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