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Interesting Facts about World's Favourite Game Bingo

Interesting Facts About World's Favourite Game BINGO 75) 80 (75 80 90 (30 30 Origin of Bingo Bingo's origin dates back to 1530 in Italy, USA UK ITALY where it was known as 'Lo Giuoco del Lotto FRANCE d'Italia'. It eventually spread to France in 1770s where it was called 'Le Lotto', and later on to Germany where it was primarily used to teach maths, spellings and history to children. 1700s 1700s 1700s 1700s Approximately around the same time-period, bingo hit British lands where it was called as Housie. It was 1929 by the time bingo had reached the U.S as 'Beano'. It eventually changed to Bingo following a joyous outcry made by a winner in a game. That's how we got the name 'Bingo'. Per the estimates in 1934, there were around 10,000 players coming in each week. Bingo has only gained popularity ever since. The Edward S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, decided to work with Carl Leffler, a BINGO Math professor from University of Columbia, to come up with various unique bingo combinations; they had created up to 6000 combinations. And, that's when bingo tickets first came out. Cards If the rumour is to be believed, Carl Leffler was known to have gotten insane after this complex task. It is said that there could be as many as 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 number combinations on a bingo card. BINGO BINGO UK bingo cards consist of a 3x9 grid and 1 to 90 is the number range used to create number combinations. 8 75 90 80 30 US bingo cards consist of a 5x5 grid and the number combinations are picked using numbers from 1 to 75. Bingo Game Riveting Facts • Winning jackpots is one of the top five reasons that attracts players to bingo. The possible number of winning combinations in a ticket is1,474,200 4:1 Statistically, the ratio of women to men players is Besides providing fun and busting stress, the game has proven to induce similar mental health benefits. Although players are seen from all age groups, a wider section of them belong to 45 and under. (75 80 30 8 75 Online Bingo A majority of online bingo players fall under the 35– 40 age bracket. And, for every 1 man playing, there are approximately 4 women players. "Bingo Zone' and "Bingo Blitz' were 80 the first two online bingo sites 75) launched in 1996 and 1998 respectively. 30 (30 Online bingo uses Half of $640 million earned by online bingo in 2010 was just from the UK. Random Number 80 Generator (RNG) in place of the bingo balls that are used in bingo halls. With over 3 million The chat option, a key online players seen every day in the UK, online bingo played a crucial role in economy development. Also, in the US it has not only evolved, but is now one feature available in bingo sites, has brought about new friend-circles in lives of as many as 47% of the players. of their favourite hobbies. American and British Bingo - Differences US 75 UK 90 The basic rule, that is calling out the The primary difference is the While the bingo cards in the US consist of a 5x5 grid, the British bingo tickets are made up of 3x9 grid in which each row has five The American bingo The wining criteria in the UK are lines and full houses. On cards have an empty square in the centre which is numbers and the number of balls used - it is 75 in American players daubing them as they appear on their tickets, remains the same the other hand, bingo is won on lines and patterns in version and 90 in known as free spot. Plus, the letters B-I-N-G-O, each representing a column, are printed atop each card. British. the US. for both British and numbers+four empty American bingo. squares. Both of these are not found on British tickets. Let's Count the Bingo Players 75 More than a billion players, including those playing in bingo halls as well as online, are recorded globally. 30 (30 Quite interestingly, women falling under the 30-50 age bracket constitute about 80% of the bingo players world-wide. 90 90 Nonetheless, men are also increasingly finding an affinity for bingo, and the younger players are flocking to the game due to attractive promotions. (8) 8) It is believed that the count of regular bingo players in the UK alone is around 3.5 million. The 18-24 age group constitute about 700,000 of the lot, while the number of players under the age of 45 have been on the rise. Remarkable BINGO WINS Sixty-year-old John Orchard holds the He had broken world record of the biggest bingo win of £5.9 million that had happened in December 2012. the previous record of a Greek businessman who had won £5.1 million.. Christine Bradfield recorded the biggest in-house bingo win worth £1,101,686 in January 2008. This game was conducted at the Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK. It is seen that 96 out of every 100 regular bingo i players have won at least one jackpot. Name, Fame, TV BING 000000 • A great many renowned personalities are ardent lovers of bingo. The Queen and Prince William top this list. • These are some of the iconic celebrities to have endorsed online bingo games – Peter Andre, Verne Troyer, Katie Price, Melanie Brown, Vic Reeves, Vinnie Jones, Claire Sweeney, Barbara Windsor, Gavin Henson, Nikki Grahame, Kerry Katona, Jim Bowen, Sharon Osbourne. Tambola, Bet365 Bingo, Foxy Bingo, ITV Bingo, Think Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, Wink Bingo and Redbus Bingo have sponsored ITV shows such as Emmerdale, Jeremy Kyle, The Only Way is Essex and ITV Daytime. • In fact, some of the bingo variations have been inspired from ITV shows such as Take Me Out, X Factor, Coronation Street, Saturday Night Takeaway and Britain's Got Talent. Play more Bingo Games at: Landmark Bingo ( Play2win Bingo ( Bingo Bytes ( ingo Bingo Anywhere ( Binge hötpot Bingo Hotpot (

Interesting Facts about World's Favourite Game Bingo

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Besides providing fun and busting stress, the bingo game has proven to induce similar mental health benefits. Winning jackpots is also one of the reasons that attracts players to bingo.


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