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Inside a Poké Ball is Awesome

what's it like inside a Poké Ball? There are three main theories about what it's like inside a Poké Ball once a Pokémon is caught: The Data Theory O The Physical Size Theory O The Ideal Environment Theory the theories up close: the data theory the physical size theory Pokémon are converted to Pokémon are shrunk to fit the energy and data. The Poké Ball acts like a USB drive for the Pokémon. size of the Poké Ball. They end up being crammed in there waiting to be let out. Both of these theories rely on treating the Pokémon either inhumanely or as objects. 01010 0101010 10101010111010101 01010101010 the ideal environment theory An ideal environment is created within the Poké Ball for the captured Pokémon. Ideal environments consist of an ample supply of their favorite food and imagery of their native habitat. Each ideal enviroment should also include the following amenities: All snores time! SNORE CHANNEL a shower a TV a bed* "Everywhere is Snorlax's bed a set of workout a Poké-masseuse a training dummy equipment a photo of their trainer a hot tub As you can see, the ldeal Environment Theory is clearly the favored choice for determining what it's like for Pokémon inside a Poké Ball. With all these amenities, it's no wonder Poké Balls are fairly expensive–with some even being priceless (hello, Master Ball). designed by MOVOTO Negan Radich

Inside a Poké Ball is Awesome

shared by MovotoRealEstate on May 23
Who knows what it's like inside a Poké Ball? No one, but Movoto Real Estate has made a great effort.


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