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Impact of Sports on Society [Infographics]

Impact of Sports on Society 9.8% 16.18 year LEAVING SCHOOL WITHOUT FIVE OR MORE A*-C GCSES "EnglandNEET i are categorised as £ Number of people affected: 2 in 5 THE CURRENT GENERATION OF NEETS WILL 35 A COST BILLION LIFETIME OVER Physical activity can cause changes in the brain which ltead to enhanced neurochemical capacity for memory, learning and higher thinking. ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR DEPRESSION UNEMPLOYMENT Men who have been NEET are 5x more likely to have a criminal record. At age 23 men and women without qualifications are around twice as likely to be depressed. In 2010, almost 1 in 4 (23%) 25-29 year olds without qualifications wanted paid work but didn't have it. LINKS TO 180,000 DEATHS A YEAR ANNUAL COST TO ECONOMY PREVALENCE £30.7 billion ANNUAL COST TO NHS CARDIOVASCULAR Women under 75: 1 in 5 DISEASE £14.4 billion 150 minutes a week physical activity = 40% reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease. - 10,000 Men under 75: 1 in 4 ANNUAL COST TO ECONOMY E16 billion OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY 6 IN 10 ADULTS ANNUAL COST TO NHS 3 IN 10 £5.1 billion CHILDREN PANCREATIC CANCER DIABETES DEPRESSION Obesity doubles the risk of pancreatic cancer. Obese women are 13 times more Ukely than non-obese women to develop type 2 diabetes, obese men are 5x more likely. Obese people have a 55% Increased risk of developing depression over time. LINKS TO 3 IN 10 PEOPLE ENGLAND ARE CURRENTLY UNEMPLOYED UNEMPLOYMENT ANNUAL COST TO ECONOMY MAY 2012 Research has shown the positive impact of participation in sport or recreation equates to around an additional year's worth of work £15.5 billion 2.63 million when applying for jobs. Youth unemployment alone people unemployed Ğěěě 1.59 million ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR LINKS TO Being employed reduces the risk of offending by between a third and a half. claiming jobseeker's allowance 800,000 670,000 Aged 80 plus: 1 in 6 Sufferers in the UK |Acting as primary carers DEMENTIA ANNUAL COST TO SOCIETY £23 billion The risk of developing dementia is reduced by two to three times amongst the most active. Aged 65 plus: 1 in 14 •2.9 million people diagnosed 150 minutes a week is twice as effective as medication at DIABETES reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE an estimated further 850,000 undiagnosed Persons with diabetes are at least twice as likely to have cardiovascular disease than those without. DEPRESSION ANNUAL COST TO NHS People with long-term ilinesses such as diabetes have double the rate of depression in comparison to the general population. LINKS TO £9 billion You can get online games at: Number of people affected: 1 in 20

Impact of Sports on Society [Infographics]

shared by DarrellMSheridan on Jul 14
The real history of sports is rich in stories that are good to tell. But the important idea is the fact that: diversified sports have reached the modern times. Now, you will find modern rules for mode...






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