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How Video games Affect Human Brain

GAMES, VIDEO HUMAN BRAIN Video Games Require Far More Than Simple Hand-Eye Coordination. Here's What Goes On Inside A Gamer's Mind! Sensory Movements Repeated Actions Games involving real time action activate brain's The repeated actions during the game play strengthen the brain cell connections underlying memory and learning. premotor & parietal cortex, which are responsible for controlling sensory movements. Dopamine During Video Game Brain playing video A study showed the frequent video game players experience altered moods because frontal lobe of the player becomes underused. games, brain releases dopamine, which is involved in learning and feeling of rewards. Decision Making Games that require logical thinking activate prefrontal cortex area, which controls decision making. Are You Addicted To Video Gaming? The following warning signs indicate that you may be addicted to gaming: Spending excessive amounts of time on the computer. Losing track of time. Becoming defensive when confronted about gaming. Preferring to spend more time with the computer than with friends or family. Losing interest in previously important activities or hobbies. Becoming socially isolated, moody, or irritable. Establishing a new life with online friends. Spending money on unexplained activities. Neglecting schoolwork and struggling to achieve acceptable grades. Attempting to hide gaming activities Other Effects Of Video Games On Brain Games Games that involve teamwork improve collaboration skills. Violent Games Games improve problem solving abilities. designed for health games activate suppression of emotional improve peripheral vision and mental rotation. purposes can help manage health problems. responses. Presented To Tou By GDreamers is the most popular online video game store that stocks the widest range of video gaming accessories that will take your adrenaline rush to a whole new level! Grear reamer AFFECT MOH

How Video games Affect Human Brain

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Video games require for more than simple hand-eye coordination. Here's what goes on inside a game’s mind.






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