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How to Play "Ant War" Infographic

AntWar BUILD THE ULTIMATE ANT COLONY I'm Adam Ant, and l'll show you how to build a great colony! Weavers ...hatch more ants. CHOOSE YOUR ANT TYPE Harvesters Carpenters ..find more food. ..dig more nest. Fire Ants Leaf Cutters ..get into ..earn more more food bonuses. RESOURCES battles. Power Higher attack & defense are the heart of Nest your army. Food The bigger the nest, the more food you can store. Ants need food to survive, plain and simple. Ants This is your population. The more ants the better. GET TO WORK! ANT JOBS Scouts 50% ..gather food and bring it back to the nest for your colony to eat. 25% Nurses ...raise baby ants to increase the population of your colony. 5% Click O and adjust how many ants you want for each job. to Workers ..dig more tunnels to increase the size of your READY TO Go! Go! nest. START Soldiers Tap "Go!" to start the day! ...increase the attack and defense rating of your colony. Up to 5 events can occur every day. Events fall into 4 different types: THE DAY BECINS! Keep up the good work! Scouts find a leftover sandwich! +22 Food Foraging... Day 12: Jun 5 66°F Good Bad Some unlucky scouts are lost in the bad weather. I'll keep you posted on the work Tips- Grandpa Ant says different locations are better or worse your ants do, and the weather depending on the season. for the day. War Buster puts a firecracker in the ant hole! Ants to Level Up 2584/3000 L 13 O 12 Defense 3574 436 21 3544 Food Gems Attack Nest GET READY TO RUMBLE! If you're not sure what to do, take my advice. Buster the bully ca you. RETREAT! Weather Battle! US. Compare fighting stats to decide whether to attack or retreat. Buster the bully 26447 Weather changes daily with the time of year. Each location has different events based on the season Some good, some bad! Leaf Cutter 28973 Auto Battle X 666 O 437 795 O 468 Attack! Retreat Attack Retreat Auto Battle ...if the enemy has better stats. You'll lose a few ants, but live to fight another day! ...and let Adam Ant make the call. He'll only attack when victory is guaranteed. ...if you refuse to back down from a fight - victory earns reward! Grandpa Ant BosSES ENEMIES A wise old ant who shares his sage advice and gives good tips on how to play! Wasp Armies Buster the Bully The Mad Dog The Exterminator END THE DAY! Go! Giant Beetles Monster Rats Mr. Suburbia Deadly Toads When the day is done, tap "Go!" to dive back into The Crazy Chicken the safety of the nest. And many more. NAVIGATE THE NEST BACK TO THE NEST MAP OF SPRING VALLEY Fiold Ant Jobs Screen Worm Hola Garden Conquer the Town Backyard City Dump Map Screen You start in Mr. Suburbia's backyard. As you level up, you unlock Each location in Spring Valley is unique, giving you different Start E Store Screen new locations! challenges and rewards. Stats Screen War Stats Use Gems to buy upgrades. Collect as many as you can! War Stats! Braggin' rights STATS GEMS - so win as 25 many as you can! 19 Battles: Bonuses! Wins: 1) Find Gemns during the day. 35 A Food + Reireais: Nest + Enemies Battled 2) Earn Gems as a reward for leveling up and winning battles. Ants + Enemies Keep tabs on the enemies you've battled. V Gems + Daily Bonuses Wasp Extremely valuable because you receive them everyday! 3) Purchase Gems through the ant store screen if you just can't wait! THE ANT STORE Upgrades Top Ups Buy Gems! Upgrades Daily bonuses of all kinds! Super charge your ants! Passport - Move your nest for free without using gems! Buy! PASSPORT Top Ups Pitchforks help your ants to pick more crops! +5 food every day! Buy! Boost your food, ants, or nest! Buy Gems! Baby Bottles feed your hungry new babies! +3 ants every day! Buy! Get some! Better values at higher quantities! TIPS & TRICKS Retreating? Add more soldier ants to jobs to boost your attack and defense! Nest Size Level Up You need 1 ant to maintain 2 nest. If you want a bigger nest, hatch more ants. Conquer 135 levels! With each level you go up, you get rewards like gems, food, and other bonuses! Food Tip Defense You can only hold as much food as your nest size. Any extra food will be wasted, so make your nest bigger! The nest is your castle. Making your nest bigger will increase your battle defense. MMore Tips Available on these app stores: For more quick tips, be sure to read Adam Ant's advice on each screen! CONQUER THE ENTIRE TOWN! iPadiPhoneiPod Google play amazon Play for free! apps kindle fire Windows Phone

How to Play "Ant War" Infographic

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Learn how to play Ant War with this handy dandy infographic!


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