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How to play and win Black Jack

hoy to play BLACKJACK You want to PLAYBlackjack. But first you need to learn the basics. Here's how to play. What's the Point? The point of Blackjack is to have your cards TOTAL 21 or as close to it as possible without "busting," or exceeding 21. Good "Bust" STEPPING UP TO THE m n TABLE So now you know the point of the game BUTEN VALUED BEFORE YOU BEGIN PLAYING its important to know how each card is lorl1) thru10 FACE VALUE = 10 An ACE can be counted as either a 1 or an 11 (whichever best suits your hand at the time)'s time to PLOY %24 Place your BET Then, 2cards are dealt To each player FACEUP DI. Evaluate Vour hand While both your cards will be visable onlylof the dealer's cards will be revealed at this time Depending on the total of your cards YOU MAY CHÓOSE: OSTAND/[email protected] Take no additional cards [email protected] Recieve additional card/s ODOUBLE [email protected] Double original bet,- receive one additional card OSPLITe /2 Add an additional bet to turn 2 cards of the same value into 2 separate hands OBLACKJACKO If your first 2 cards are an >Ace and a 10-value card, you've got a BLACKJACK. You can relax and collect 150% of your original bet (3:2) PRO There is an TIP:OPTIMAL decision for each hand combination. It's called... BASIC SSTRATEGY ADEALER PREVEAL Once everyone has completed playing their hand the dealer will reveal his second card Enemy Arch Dealer TOTAL | (example) RESULT 17+ STAYS 16 HITS over 21 BUSTS Your hand will now be evaluated AGAINST THE DEALERS DEALER JIM GREG DEALER YOU If. Then the Dealer has 18 Jim has 17, Greg has 18 9 and you have 20 Jim loses, Greg has a PUSH) and You WIN in the event ofa "PUSH", Greg doesn't win any money (BUT he doesn't lose his original bet either CONGRATULATIONS YOU NOW KNOW HOW TO PLAẶY OBLACKJACKO BUT WAIT what if you want to beat it? Card Counting is the only LEGAI BLACKJACK CONSISIENT way to beat (AND IT WORKS BECAUSE:THE PLAYER ISABLE TOKEEP TRACK OF THE CARDS & İSABLE TOBET 1s WHENTHEY ARE MO RE LIKELY get BLACKJACK and the dealer 1SLS more likely to BUST!

How to play and win Black Jack

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Info graphic on how to play and win Black Jack. Learn how to actually keep your money....


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