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History of the xbox

History of the Xbox AISHA ALIYU {insert cleoer and witty remarks here} The Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox 360 SLIM Xbox 360 'Kinect' Sensor 'Kinect 2'? 2001 - 2007 24+ million sold 2010 - 2015 58+ million sold 2010 - Present 10+ million sold Fastest selling consumer electronic device of all time! 2005 - 2010 2013? 58+ million sold In ten years, Microsoft's Xbox has gone from a chancy challenger to downright dominance. Not only will it continue to make strides within the video gaming and entertainment industry, a new era has begun where you get all your games, movies, TV shows, music and sports all in one place (Mattrick, 2011), the Xbox is set to become the future of TV and home entertainment. 2001 2010 November Xbox launches in North America! November Xbox live launches in 10 more countries. Russia, Poland, South Africa, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil, Colombia and Chile. 2002 February The Xbox is available all world-wide! April Blockbuster franchise, Halo: Combat 4months! Microsoft launches the revolutionary Kinect sensor with the new "slim" Xbox. In XEOK300 Evolved, sells 1million November The xbox live online game service launches! 10days, it hits 1million units sold. Ххвох LIVE ESPM ESPN on demand con- tent introduced to North American market, 2004 November Xbox LIVE arcade download service is launched with Ms Pac-Man, Smash TV and a host of other games. December The biggest year in Xbox history. 8 million kinects sold worldwide, Guinness world record for fast- CUINNESS 1 MILLION 8 AMAZING ПП OFFICIALLY USERS Xbox LIVE reaches 1million users. 2005 est selling consumer electronic device. 50 million Xbox 360 consoles sold world- wide. Twice as much as the original Xbox. I November Next-generationg gaming is here! Micro- soft laucnhes the new 8 MILLION XBOX 36O. FASTEST SELLING CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICE Xbox-360. With more personalization and Avatars! More than 30 million active Xbox LIVE 2011 December Despite shortages, Mi- crosoft sells a 607,000 consoles. March Kinect sales surpass 10 million. Xbox 360 still number 1 console in 2011. OYear Anniversary 2006 April Hulu plus available to November Another blockbuster franchise, Gears of North American XBL members. war! Microsoft introduces the first wave of TV Shows and Movies on Xbox live via the mar- November 10 years on and the Xbox is still the leader in entertainment. TV SHOWS MOVIES & MOVIES ketplace. December Major updates, com- plete overhaul or system. Completely new interface, more Kinect integration with more sound and motion con- The original Xbox is discontinued from pro- LOVEFİLME duction. 2007 August A new model xbox is launched. Black finish and all. trol. Bing search inte- gration to search through your console and market places. Fur- ther live TV and video- December The PS3 launched in on-demand integration, via SkyPlayer (UK), NetFlix, ESPN(North America) and more. In- troduction of Apps market, for TV, Video. Cloud storage making Xbox LIVE Profiles ac- November, however, the Xbox 360 had al- ready surpassed in sales. The xbox had two top best selling titles with Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. cessible from the cloud. 2008 The Future November New interface with 3D Entertainment ALLOCINE.COM Partners on Xbox avatars and more cus- tomization. NetFlix is added to Xbox Live al- 360 (Coming Soon) • ABC iView • AlloCiné • Antena 3 • Disney XD • BBC • blinkbox • Bravo • Canal+ • Channel 4 • Channel 5 • CinemaNow • Comcast • Crackle • Dailymotion • EPIX • GOITV • HBO GO • Hulu • itHeartRadio • Manga Entertainment • Maple Leaf Sports • MediaSet • MSN with • MUZU.TV • RODO • RTVE • SBS On Demand • Syfy • Telefonica • Televisa • "The Today Show" • TMZ • UFC • Verizon • VEVO • YouTube • ZDF lowing North American members to stream HD movies and TV Shows. BBC NETFLIX December 10million consoles in Dailymotion the U.S and 19million sold world wide Xbox Live gains over 12million members. Making it the largest community in the con- nected console game 4.6 10 SOLD MILLION sector. Next-generation gaming reaches $12.5bn semsnbc 2009 You Tube LIVE May Xbox live reaches 20 20 MILLION millions users to become largest global LARGEST GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK entertainment net- Broadcast Yourself" TM work. Syfy October Facebook, twitter, and Zune video market place are integrated into the xbox. Sky player is also launched offering live TV, sports, movies and music.Internet videos,, msn video, Music mar- ketplace including music game store, facebook Imagine Greater twitter > 8zune sources: BBC, The Telegraph,IGN, Microsoft News Center, The Official Microsoft Blog, Xbox Official Magazine,

History of the xbox

shared by aliyua on Mar 31
A history of the xbox from the original to the 360 to the kinect.


Aisha Aliyu


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