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History of Online Gambling

I'M ALL IN HISTORY OF ONLINE GAMBLING The first online poker site in the world was established in 1998. Planet Poker was the first site Paradise Poker then emerged in 1999 and immediately became a rival. As the new millennium onto the scene in what would eventually become a multi-billion dollar industry. The years of 2003 to 2006, were regarded as the "Poker Boom." Up until about 2007, the number of online poker players each year doubled in size. approached more and more sites began popping up looking to cash in on this newest craze. 996 POKER BOOM POKER Paradise CARDROOM PLANET INTERNET A World of Action The tiny island nation of Antigua, home to many Internet gambling companies, sues in the World Trade Organization court, challenging the U.S. ban on gambling ads, saying it violated free trade agreements. 2003 The U.S. Department of Justice sends a letter to the National Association of Broadcasters, and to some major media outlets warning them that accepting ads for online gambling could be illegal. The recipients all stopped accepting ads. 2004 The webmaster of the portal is indicted by New Jersey authorities, since he took money from would-be players directly in order to help them place bets. The Sporting News (TSN) took its time in Sporting News dropping gambling ads (six months) after receiving the warning from the DoJ, the government, three years later, fines them $7.2 million. FINED 2006 The U.S. House of Representatives passes HR 4411, the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act, by a vote of 317-93. It now goes to the Senate. 2009 The US Department of Justice freezes over 27,000 online poker accounts and seizes over $35 million from them. On April 15, 2011, the poker world was rocked when federal authorities unsealed an indictment 2011 against online poker's big three: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. This day became known as Black Friday. 11 online poker execs were indicted and players' accounts were frozen too. Only PokerStars survives the year. 2012 On August 21, 2012, online poker is declared a game of skill not chance by a New York Federal Judge, thus, exempting it from the Federal Wire Act of 1961. ONLINE GAMING GOES LIVE 2013 NEW NEVADA DELAWARE JERSEY STATES TO LEGALIZE ONLIINE GAMBLING DC NV NJ DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA NEVADA NEW JERSEY The District of Colombia Nevada becomes the second becomes the first jurisdiction to legalize online gambling in the U.S.. However, the measure is repealed in February 2012 before it ever became active. state to legalize online gambling (in the form of online poker), and the first to legalize interstate online poker (launching on April 30). New Jersey becomes the third state to legalize online gambling (poker and casino), launching on Nov. 25th). 2011 2013 2013 VERIFICATION & FRAUD PREVENTION ĪDOLOGY July 2013: IDology, identity verification and fraud prevention provider, helps support Star Fantasy Leagues in their effort to deliver the ultimate online fantasy gaming experience by improving player on-boarding, preventing fraud and meeting compliance regulations. Nov. 2013: New Jersey gaming regulators give IDology, Inc., the go-ahead to enter into agreements with New Jersey gaming licensees and online gambling permit holders. Jan. 2014: CAMS Partners with IDology to drive revenue and stop online gaming fraud. CURRENTLY ONLINE POKER WORLDWIDE IS A $15 BILLION ENTERPRISE WITH AN ESTIMATED Ş6 BILLION EMANATING FROM THE U. S. SHORES. $15 BILLION WORLDWIDE $32 MİLLION PLAYERS Currently online poker worldwide is a $15 billion enterprise with an estimated $ 6 billion emanating from the U. S. shores. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, season long Fantasy Sports has an 32 estimated million players in the U.S. and Canada alone. Sources: IDOLOGY vo03 vo00 1999

History of Online Gambling

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Online gambling and gaming in the United States exists in a very complex environment, where both governmental laws and public sentiment play a huge role. Gambling itself was largely practiced in the e...


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