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The history of gambling

GAMINGCLUB'S The history of GAMING ROULETTE • BLACKJACK SLOT MACHINES • BACCARAT . CRAPS Roulette Did you know? All the numbers added up equal 666! They don't call it the devils game for nothing. Timeline Early 1700s First Roulette table developed using Blaise Pascal's Late 1700s French immigrants brought Roulette to New Orleans 1970 Casinos flourished around the world, with Roulette 1801 2005 Intan Pragi from Estonia is awarded a Guinness World Record for the longest croupier marathon lasting 48 hours Jaques Lablee's novel 'La Roulette, ou le Jour' documented the 'perpetual motion machine' reigning supreme rules as they stand today Surrender! Blackjack Did you know? The US State of Nevada legalised Blackjack in 1939. The legalisation of the game proved timely as gambling haven, Las Vegas, opened shortly after. Timeline Early 1900s The term 'Blackjack' 16th Century 1814 Napoleon loved '21' and played it to kill time on his exile in Elba 2011 Zeljko Ranogajec is entered into the 1601 "Vingt-et-un' (meaning 21), the earliest form of The game '21' was first documented I derived from the Spanish novelist and gambler, Miguel de Cervantes Blackjack Hall of Fame with a bonus received if an ace of spades was accompanied by a jack of either clubs or spades Blackjack, originated in France claimed annual turnover of S1 billion Slot machines Did you know? The earliest slot machines gave out fruit favoured gum to their winners, which led to the inclusion of the iconic cherry and melon symbols we know today Timeline 1887 1908 1963 Bally Technologies developed the first electromechanical 1995 2012 It has been reported Machines were Gaming Control Board counted a Charles Fey developed the first automatic slot machine called "Liberty Bell' installed in most that there are cigar stores, saloons, bowling alleys, brothels and barber stores total of 176,995 slot machines in Las around 197,144 slot slot machine called machines in Las "Money Honey Vegas alone. That's 1 slot machine for 3 Vegas residents Вассarat Did you know? Hollywood's favourite spy and casino cruiser, James Bond, favoured Baccarat chemin-de-fer, a version of the game that requires more skill and St I risk. Timeline 14th Century Italian player, Felix Falguierein defines Baccarat's modern 500-700 BC 1490 19th Century 2006 The original 1967 James Bond film "Casino Royale' was based around Baccarat is derived from an Etruscan Baccarat introduced to France from Italy during the reign of King Charles VIII Baccarat's ban was lifted and its ritual used to select priestesses popularity soared across France rules Baccarat but the 2006 adaptation replaces it with Texas hold 'em Poker Craps Did you know? Crapaud means 'toad' in French. The name derives from the stance players had to adopt in order to play the game - crouched over the dice upon the floor in a similar manner to a toad. Timeline 11th Century Craps evolved from the old English 18th Century "Hazard' was 1813 Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville brought 'Crapaud' to New Orleans 1939 During WWI, street-style craps became popular among soldiers 2009 Patricia Demauro broke the world game 'Hazard' which dates back as extremely popular among the elites and aristocrats of record with 154 consecutive dice rolls without rolling a seven. The odds of which are i in 1.56 trillion far as the Crusades. Europe Sources Fame film) http://www.lasvegasnevada gow/FactsStatistics/history.htm http://quickfacts.census.govlqfd/states/32/3240000html ANK

The history of gambling

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