The History of Board Games

BOARD GAMES The History of A LONG LINE OF FUN For years they provided fun for families and friends together, without having to leave the house. But the games we have enjoyed for years have a much older history than onemight expect. Learn more: TIMELINE 500 B.C Gautama Buddha mentions a chess-like board game in a list of activities with which he will NOT occupy START himself About 3500 BC About 3500 BC About 1500 BC The Chinese Predynastic Egyp- tlans play Senet, the ancient version game of passing' Iranlans play an started playing the game 'Liubo of Backgammon 1903 Elizabeth Magie About 200 BC created The Landlord's The Chinese Game - the precursor of Monopoly - to illustrate the negative aspects of monopolies started playing the game Welgr 1890 Snakes & Ladders 1860 The Game of Life 1697 Solitaire set Modem appeared In the court of Louls XI GAME was published in England was produced by Milton Bradley STOP 1970s The creation of 1930 Monopoly becomes the version that is popular today Dungeon & Dragons was influen tiated by a number of mythology and fantasy authors, such as Lewis Carroll and J. R. R. Tolkien 1931 1957 Lexico was Risk wa released Invented and became Scrabble In 1947 1974 Dungeons & Dragons was published HALL OF FAME Take a look at the most famous board games 1ST The standard-bearer for board games, chess is an international phenomenon that continues to challenge players world-wide. More people on a global scale play and know the game of chess than any other game. Chess 2ND Checkers - Considered "the poor man's chess", checkers is almost as complex and popular as chess, and the variations for play have filled books and websites for years. Checkers 3TD Everyone's played the various novelty incarnations, but the basic introductory version, the old-school Monopoly, is the version that reigns supreme over all other commercial games. Monopoly A, 4Th The best-known and most popular word game, Scrabble has a fanatic following of wordsmiths. The game is for two to four players who take turn forming words on a crossword puzzle-type board. B. Scrabble 5Th This guessing game is a favorite of children and adults alike for the social interaction it encourages. Everyone knows the story - whodunit in what room with what weapon. Clue 3 MOVIES & GAMES Find out what Hollywood and Candyland have in common Name:Clue Name: Monopoly Release date: 1985 By: Jonathan Lynn Release date: 2012 By: Ridley Scott This is comedy with Tim Curry and an all-star cast A loser wakes up ane morning to find him- self stuck in the game Name: Ouija Name: Candyland Release date: 2011 By: Kevin Lima Release date: 2007 By: Topel Lee A movie about a board game that summons spirits A film about gum- drop kingdom with gingerbread houses ONLINE DATING UNIVERSITY Information provided by: Sources: | | STOP STOP Ancient GAME anu┼ćuo) do1s READING Recent GAMES

The History of Board Games

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More than going to a movie, or staying home and watching television or playing video games, board games are a great way to spend an inexpensive evening home with someone you care about and enjoying ea...


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