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The History of American Gambling

GAMBLING AN AMERICAN TRADITION PRE COLONIAL Native American Indians were avid gamblers. Betting weapons, supplies, and clothing on games and sporting events. Popular game: Hubbub - Similar to Craps. - Place a wager, roll 5 marked peach pits (or bones), winner decided by the combination of the outcome. image courtesy Barbara Voorhies FIRST WAVE OF AMERICAN GAMBLING The Beginning 1600 Lake Supera St. Laureace Quebec ME Gambling is illegal in the New England Colonies. t of Aass) Pori Royal Albany MASS Boston Colonists sail from england to "The New World" CONN CONNI PA. FI Duquesne (FI Pitt) N.JNe York image courtesy Buel Jadelphie The Southern Colonies had Jomestown (site) Gentleman's Gambling image source McClellan S.C 1700 Chárieston GA COLONIAL NORTH AMERICA 100 200 300 400 hiks Sales flerN? Hốm060. 1770$ All 13 original colonies established lotteries to raise revenue, CLASS the FIRST. *HIS TICKET entitles the Bearer to receive fuch Prize as may be drawn againft its Num- ber, according to a Refolution of CONGRESS, paffed at Plaladelphia, November 18, 1776.Depchon playing the lottery became a civic responsibility England attempts to regulate colonial lotteries. 1800 1835 GAMBLING VIEWED AS Five cardsharps lynced in Mississippi Professional Gamblers IMMORAL are driven west Gambling in the south, breeds degenerate thieves known as "Sharps" Corruption gains ground, most state lotteries are discontinued due to lottery scandals. THE WILD WEST 1849 THE SECOND WAVE OF AMERICAN GAMBLING California gold rush sets off a gambling spree in the west 1856 LYNCHING OF PROFESSIONAL GAMBLERS began occurring in San Francisco in a fight to gain respectability and decrease lawlessness THE THIRD WAVE OF AMERICAN GAMBLING 1900s SFATS PLAYERS PROHIBITION The Rise of the Casinos THE PROHIBITION on Alcohol and gambling created incentive for organized crime and illegal 'speakeasies.' 1929 THE GREAT DEPRESSION STATES BEGIN TO RE-LEGALIZE GAMBLING ELKLA TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY 1930 1930$ ESER VOIR AREA STR CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON GOVERNMENT CRACKS DOWN ON HOOVER DAM ILLEGAL GAMBLING CASINOS AND GIRL SHOWS CATER TO MALE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS OPERATIONS TO RECLAIM TAXES RE-LEGALIZED IN NEVADA, 1931 MANY CASINOS WERE FINANCED BY MOBSTERS GOLDEN MUGGET НOTEL АРАСНЕ "BUGSY" SIEGEL photo credit GAMBLING HALL GOLDEN NUGGET 1905 Hdorado CLUB LING HALL 1936 HOOVER DAM COMPLETED & LAS VEGAS LIGHTS UP SIGNIFICANTLY PHOTO COURTESY GAMING.UNIV.EDU from 1970 NEW JERSEY WAS THE FIRST STATE TO LAUNCH A FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL MODERN LOTTERY AND THE SECOND STATE TO LEGALIZE CASINO GAMBLING IN AN ATTEMPT TO REVITALIZE ATLANTIC CITY U.S. SUPREME COURT RECOGNIZES INDIAN GAMBLING 1987 INDIAN CASINOS BECOME A POPULAR METHOD FOR RESERVATIONS TO GENERATE INCOME TODAY 1995 THE FIRST ONLINE CASINO D Mk Hema INTERDET CASINOS, TA FRST AE QUCST ESTASU iConNITHLT TO PaLamor m aNTY BEGAN OPERATIONS aL lo kar toncaucinu CASINO GAMBLING PHILIPS INDIAN COMMERCIAL CASINOS LEGAL LEGAL BOTH IS LEGAL IN MOST STATES CASINOS BETTING ON HORSE RACING IS LEGAL IN 43 STATES ONLINE GAMBLING CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO LEGAL ONLINE CASINOS IN THE U.S. IS CONSITUTIONALLY FORBIDDEN IN THESE 9 STATES ILLEGAL IN: ALASKA, GEORGIA, HAWAII MISSISSIPPI, NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH CAROLINA, UTAH 2011 BLACK FRIDAY THE FBI SHUT DOWN APRIL 15 THE TOP 4 POKER SITES IN THE UNITED STATES POKERSTARS FULL TILT POKER ABSOLUTE POKER UB ILLEGAL IN: ILLINOIS, INDIANA LOUISIANA, MONTANA, NEVADA, OREGON SOUTH DAKOTA, WASHINGTON, WISCONSIN PRESENTED BY: PRODUCED BY: Casino NOWSOURCING Sources:

The History of American Gambling

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A look at the American tradition of gambling, from its early origins through today's Internet age.




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