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Gaming in the U.K

An In-Depth look fAt GAMING IN THE UNITED KINGDOM £1 Per Play £1 Per Play The United Kingdom has a population of around 60 million people, 33 million of which can be considered gamers. That's 56% of the UK spending money on games on a regular basis, making the UK the biggest gamers in Europe. Sales of video games in the UK rose consistently up until 2008, after which they began to drop. Despite this, Brits spent £3.7 billion on games in 2010. So what about the money spent in 2011? Money spent in the UK by platform in pounds sterling: Console Games - £1.6bn PC/Mac (boxed) - £450m MMO Games -£350m Social Networks - £210m Casual Websites - £400m Mobile Devices - £300m PC/Mac (download) - £330m UK media spend in the video game industry Despite the huge amount of money spent on games every year, media advertising spend in the sector in 2010 was just £14.4million. Let's look at how this was distributed: 0% 50% 100% 9.6% Fixed in-game advertising 36.4% Dynamic in-game advertising 36.4% Display advertising How much time do people spend on each platform? Gamers in the UK spend a mammoth 43,000,000 hours playing games every day, let's look at how this time is split across the different platforms: Console Games 21% Social Networks 18% Casual Websites 17% Mobile Devices 15% PC/Mạc Вохed 10% MMO Games 10% PC/Mac Download 9% Who is playing the most games? Traditionally gaming has always been a past-time for children and teenagers, but the types of gamers in the UK are now changing: • The UK's average • Games have always Even older people gamer is around 23 years old, male and has been playing video games for around 10 years. They spend approx 12.6 hours playing been considered a in the UK are now boy's thing, but not becoming gamers. 42% of people over 50 spend more time gaming than reading magazines. anymore. Recent research has shown that 82% of girls living in the UK regularly play games. video games every week. A look at how many platforms gamers use Gamers in the UK don't just stick to one platform, with the UK average gamer playing on 3.9 different platforms. Let's look at the number of platforms per gamer in more depth: 4 platforms 1 platform 14% 6 platforms 3 platforms 13% 10% 17% 5 platforms 2 platforms 11% 7 platforms o 17% 18% Xbox360 or PS3? The two most popular consoles in the UK, fans are constantly arguing over which console is superior. So which one sells the most games in the United Kingdom? Xbox360 £538million Xbox360 Playstation 3 18.2milion £414million Playstation 3 13.8million Console game revenue in 2010 Console game units sold in 2010 1000GAMES THE BEST PLACE TO FIND GAME INFOGRAPHICS, GAME NEWS,REVIEWS AND COMPETITIONS | 1000GAMES.CO Get in touch with us at if you'd like us to produce a gaming infographic for your we bsite

Gaming in the U.K

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The United Kingdom population is 60 million and of those 60 million 33 million consider themselves gamers. This infographic provides statistical information for gamers in the U.K and how much money th...




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