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Is a Gaming Career For You? [Flowchart]

Video games are complex beasts where every little detail matters. If you have weak attention to detail then maybe a career in gaming isn't right for you. CAN YOU HANDLE NO YES YES STRESS? DO YOU HAVE The gaming industry is full of pressure. If you can't handle working through stress or collaborating with others, maybe a gaming career isn't for you. STRONG ATTENTION TO DETAIL? NO DO YOU HAVE STRONG COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS? It is the only wa youl be able to develop good gameplay yourself and realize when something isn't working and how to improve it. NO YES NO YES IS A VIDEO GAME DESIGN CAREERFOR YOU? CAN YOU TELL A lack of WHY A GAME WOULD communication skills means you're more likely to cause confusion by providing unclear ideas. BE BAD? Without creativity, it's difficult to help create captivating gameplay and worlds for others to enjoy. DO YOU LIKE NO YES PLAYING GAMES? People quit the gaming industry because their lack of ARE YOU CREATIVE? passion for games makes the challenges of game creation too hard to bear. YES NO CONGRATULATIONS! You seem like a good fit for a Video MAYBE A VIDEO GAME DESIGN CAREER ISN'T FOR YOU Game Career. LET'S FIND THE RIGHT POSITION FOR YOU. DO YOU HAVE ANY WOULD YOU ENJOY WOULD YOU ENJOY DO YOU HAVE STRONG ARTISTIC SKILLS AND ABILITIES? FINDING BUGS AND CREATING LEVELS? LEADERSHIP SKILLS? GLITCHES? YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO DO YOU LIKE PROGRAMMING OR COMPUTER CAN YOU COME UP DO YOU CONSIDER ARE YOU WITH FUN, INNOVATIVE YOURSELF A GOOD INTERESTED IN GAMEPLAY IDEAS? STORYTELLER? SCIENCE? CREATING A GAME'S AUDIO? YES NO YES NO YES NO YES 0000000 1) </> QUALITY ASSURANCE A game tester plays a game while it is still in ARTIST As a game artist, your role is to create 2D and 3D art so the game is more than just numbers and symbols on a AUDIO ENGINEER You'll work dosely with the development team to determine what PROGRAMMER As the technical and creative GAME DESIGNER LEVEL DESIGNER NARRATIVE PRODUCER A game designer has the great responsibility of coming up with gameplay ideas that the team will be building. Youll be in charge of creating the digital You are the bridge between the DESIGNER Writers are brought in to write dialogue, publisher and development team. The producer also helps motivate the team so they remain productive. brains behind the game, you'll work closely with the game designer to create the code based off their environments quests, cutscenes, and instructional development to make sure where players will interact and text as well as the main storyline, characters, backstory, and kind of music and everything works as intended. sound will fit into the game. move. computer. concepts. more. SOURCE GAMEDESIGNING

Is a Gaming Career For You? [Flowchart]

shared by justin-ty on Jan 24
Interested in creating video games for a living? It's a great career, but not suitable for everyone. Use this handy flowchart to find out if a career in video games is right for you. Also, learn whi...








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