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Gamers are the New Professional Athletes

DIRECT TICKET PROFESSIONAL are the ATHLETES new gamers 00 A NEW KIND OF ATHLETE Foreign gamers frequently face issues remaining in the US through work permits. There are several U.S. Visas PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES CAN BE GRANTED Athletes must show extraordinary ability in their field to quaify for the athlete visa. 0-1 P-1A VISA VISA Covers covers In July 2013, ATHLETES SPORTS TEAMS the US government officially recognized ( Achievement unlocked game players as You are now a professional athlete! GAM ES PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES lobbied the USCIS to allow professional gamers to qualify for O-1 and P-1A visas. LEAGUE LEGENDS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES of is a recognized sport like the NHL and NBA To win, they had to provide evidence of the gaming industry's contributions Ex. Compared viewership of gaming competitions to broadcasts of major sporting events The event is so large that it is held in three locations, including LA's massive Staples Center 2012 World Championship Event: 2013 Winner will receive 1.1 MILLION 8.2 MILLION $1 MILLION PEAK CONCURRENT VIEWERSHIP TOTAL GLOBAL UNIQUE VIEWERS OUT OF $8MILLION PRIZE POT DUE TO LAST YEARS FINANCIAL GAIN GROWTH OF THE INDUSTRY Professional gaming and eSports is growing In 2002, American Company MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING WAS CO-FOUNDED by in North America and Europe. Sundance Mike Sepso DiGiovanni @msepso @MLGSundance Their tournaments grew only by word-of-mouth EVENTUALLY, BROADCASTERS AIRED PROFESSIONAL GAMING Early MLG tournaments were recorded on cassette tape TOURNAMENTS AS A SPORT Today's MLG tournaments Video cassette recorder 12:00 are live streamed in HD digitized and then Today, millions of people tune into watch MLG tournaments Lo the MLG has over 8 MILLION INTERNET uploaded registered gamers in one year, MLG VIEWERS went from During the winter 2013 MGL tournament: more than 1,000 competitors will battle for 3.5 11.7 $170,000 MILLION MILLION Achievement unlocked Viewing rampage The matches will be broadcast to more than 170 COUNTRIES it might blow your mind to find out... A Comscore survey found that the audience for professional gaming is Additional games are a possible reason for sudden popularity. Tournaments were much more limited. 85% Most popular games include HALO AND STARCRAFT MALE! 60% 40% In 2013, eSports (professional gaming) has become a bit more inclusive. are between earn over ages 18-49 $100k / year Notably, Riot Games' LEAGUE EGENDS LoL has become the most played game in the world with nearly of 32 MILLION PLAYERS PER MONTH GAMING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GAMES AND TELEVISION IS A GIVE AND TAKE. We now have TV stations dedicated to eSports and many TV shows have turned into video games. AND OUR TELEVISIONS twitch Brows twitch TOID Level Upl with Innominatus - Assa. Desti on Destructoid is dedicated to gaming with 34 MILLION Desstructok from the he community per month and the Dt Be sure to live broadc Join the De live GAMERS CAN BROADCAST, -WATCH AND CHAT - from anywhere that they play Medium Twitch appeals to all gamers by broadcasting all kinds of games: RETRO GAMES ESPORTS | FIRST-PERSON SHOOTERS | EVEN COOKING GAMES Viewers can also watch the most highly skilled gamers at their craft TWITCH BROADCASTS EVERY KIND OF GAMING EVENT Large-scale competitions Community marathons Video game industry events (such as Blizzcon) TV SHOWS TO VIDEO GAMES Did you know these were video games? THE A-TEAM for Atari 2600 • Players would shoot enemies from BA Baracus's floating head • When players died, the A-Team theme song played O1984 ATARI HOME IMPROVEMENT for Super Nintendo • Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor has to get his tools back from sneaky spies • Also, he fights dinosaurs GREY'S ANATOMY for Nintendo Wii • Players can perform simple medical procedures and complex surgeries CELEBRITY GAMERS CAMERON DIAZ VIN DIESEL MEGAN FOX DANIEL CRAIG World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Mortal Kombat Halo & Dungeons and Dragons Diaz has confessed being "The way my brain fires signals Gameplay caused major issues deeply addicted to WoW works well with how that game with his former girlfriend, works. And I'm just really good." Satsuki Mitchell. CC BY-SA 3.0 by Promiflash CC BY-SA 3.0 by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.5 by CC BY-SA 2.0 by Liam Mendes Sources: presented by DIRECT- TICKET Powered by Dir ectStarTV DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Gamers are the New Professional Athletes

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This infographic provides a deeper look into how and why gamers are now professional athletes.


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