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Game Buyer's Guide Flowchart

I want to buy a game! What type of game are you looking for? I'm looking for a Filler or Party Game I want a Wargame For how many players? A Strategy Game Does theme matter to you? Are you playing with Yes No 2 or more Geeks? Just me Rolling dice, or a bluffing game? Do you have any wargaming experience? Do you like trivia? Bluffing No How about something Field Commander Series Dice Historic Battles Yes Are you a zombie, or a giant monster? Cooperative or Competitive? It's new to me Yes creative? Are you a fan of Risk? Want to command Roman legions? Thunderbolt: Apache Leader Modern Air Support Zombie Dice Coup Wits & Wagers Yes No Space Infantry Braaaaaaains.. Trust no one Science Fiction No No Yes Nope What's your favorite theme? What's most important to you? Sure Yes Lead 19th Century King of Tokyo The Resistance World history, or high fantasy? Working with words or pictures? How about a battle lines? I'm Godzilla! Let's play in teams deduction game? Risk: Legacy Commands & Colors: Ancients No Apples to Apples Dixit Yes How about World Words Pictures Hanabi War II ? Memoir '44 Battles of Westeros History Fantasy 1812: The Invasion of Canada Yes No Card- or dice- Modern Warfare, then? driven combat? Fantasy Science Star Fiction fan? Wars Do you want a dungeon crawling adventure? Combat Commander Series Tide of Iron No, I'm tired of real wars Yes, I like the immediacy *roll roll roll *shuffle shuffle* Yes Science Fiction or No altenate history? Grand adventure tactical space combat? Yes No Star Trek, then? Labyrinth: The War on Terror Science Fiction How about managing Alt-History A serious one? your own dungeon? Tactical miniatures, or large-scale strategy? Space ships or giant robots? Yes One-on-one, or working together? No Battlestar Galactica? Adventure Pew! Pew! How many players? No Want the whole questing thing, eh? No Yes Yes Battleship Galaxies Ships! Fortress America Give me good mechanics over theme Dungeon Lords Star Trek: Fleet Captains Star Trek Expeditions Star Wars Living Card Game Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Game Strategic Munchkin Just the two of us More than two No Yes Competitive Cooperative Dust Tactics Battletech Crush or out-maneuver Cooperative or Competitive? Do you like Deckbuilders? Competitive or Cooperative? your enemies? Tactical Mechs! Do you want a route- or network-building game? Trains & infrastructure? Sure! What level of complexity can your group handle? Not really Explore, Expand, Fight Maneuver Cooperative Competitive Do you want a campaign? Yes No Exploit, and Exterminate? Competitive Mind getting trounced by random events? Cooperative - if I can backstab Cooperative Civilization building, Playing with kids? Board game or card game? then? I'm playing with Non-Gamers Claustrophobia Battlestar Galactica: the Board Game Just one Yes No Yes Shadows Over game Yes No A cooperative game? Low Medium Heavy Camelot Of course! That's not right! Dungeon Twister 2: Prison So, just how epic are we getting? Do you want to play with technology Have you played Ticket to Ride? Want to be able to customize difficulty? How about being Trains or Are they kids? Mice & Mystics Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition infrastructure? Yes No Do they hold grudges? Defenders of the an alien race? trees? Realm Do they like animals? Boards Steam: Rails to Riches Dungeons and Dragons: Legend of Drizzt 7 Wonders Ticket to Ride Yes Dungeon Run Lord of the Rings Twilight Imperium: 3rd Edition We've got all day Eclipse It is a work night... Maybe not That sounds fun Not yet How complex? No Yes Living Card Game How about a card game? Doing battle... Cards Cosmic Encounter Chicago Express Thurn & Taxis Yes No Yes No Lord of the Rings fan? No Yes Clash of Cultures No Pretty Complex Yes. What else is out there? Competitive Deck Builders? Mage Knight No, it's the experience that counts In Space How's their How about something Want to see your world on a map? Do they like trains? Is storytelling important? I like my boards Let's keep it simpler Sure, that works A Deck Builder? Yes. Strategy matters attention span? more abstract? Thunderstone: If not an alien, I'll be a... Dreadball: The Futuristic Sport Game Rex: Final Days of an Empire For the Galactic Centre How about Power Grid Trains Survive: Escape from No Advance Competitive Yes castle defense? Everybody's on their own Yes, completely How hard do you Tales of the Arabian Talisman Athlete Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game Want to play the stock market too? Infrastructure Zooloretto Hey! That's My Fish Atlantis Nights Not as much as combat! No Card Game? A Living Rune Age Yes Yes Phantom League Conquest of Planet Earth want to make it? Yes More than 2 players? Pretty long Pretty short Sounds fun! Not for me Conquest in a fantasy world? Cooperative For Earth! Cooperative or Competitive? Crayon Rails Games Galactic Corporation 18XX Series Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization No Yes War of the Ring Core Worlds Yes No Space Crew on a Mission How will you succeed? Space Alert Sure River Dragons How about rolling lots of dice? No Dragon Rampage Competitive Everday No ite, eh? Dungeon Petz Running a business Yes Epic? Teamwork and high-speed planning No thanks Anybody scared of insects? Forbidden Island Pandemic Space Cadets No How long do you Ticket to Ride Castle Panic Runewars Merchant Yes Easy Difficult Red Dragon Inn Relaxing after work Android: Netrunner Yes Race for the Cooperative Yes! It's gotta be big Seriously? Teamwork and dexterity Does it have to be new? have? Galaxy Flash Point: Fire Rescue No Ghost Stories Mage Wars Annihilating your business rivals Ingenious Hive Nope! Small World Medium Very Difficult Maybe a little.. Luck, be a lady! Carcassonne No, keep it quick 30 minutes or less At least an hour Galaxy Trucker Merchant of Venus And negotiation? Pure strategy, please Are you an explorer or a builder? Want to rewrite It's serious business Nah, we just want a giggle history? No, classics are classics for a reason Classic board or card games? Yes, we've gotten better at designing Lost Cities Maybe a new twist on worker placement? City Building Horror Settlers of Catan I love negotiating and trading Stone Age No, I'd rather do my own thing Explorer Do you enjoy tile placement? No What's your favorite Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calender Yes No Yes Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small Mr. Jack Are you willing to deal with Starting from scratch, or urban renewal? monster? No, I prefer mysteries Building an empire, or working magic? Builder elections? Twilight Struggle Seasons Kingdom Builder Classic Movie Monsters Urbanization Cthulhu Yes - especially the Cold War Magic! Zombies Let's build it up! Ever wanted to play on his side? Boards or Cards? Card-based combat or Shuffling is fun! Want to build your own deck? Boards are a must! Urban Sprawl Suburbia Urbania a mystery? Developing on a small or grand scale? It's the democratic way Nope. I just want to build Let's clean the streets! Card Game Board Game Side with Elder Gods? No! Humanity stands together I'll crush you! I'd rather be a detective Well, maybe a little... St. Petersburg Dominion Puerto Rico Agricola Survival of the Fittest or Yes I'd rather build a tableau Build me a nation! I just want my bit of land Zombies vs Humans? Resident Evil Nightfall An epic investigation Deckbuilding Game or a gateway game? Betrayal at House on the Hill Mansions of Madness Survival of Zombies vs. Humans the Fittest Does anyone want to play as the zombies? Arkham Horror Elder Sign I want an epic! Created by Gateway, please City of Horror Starlit Citadel your online game store Zombicide Last Night on Earth We're all humans here Sure! Braaaains...

Game Buyer's Guide Flowchart

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Our massive board game buyer's guide flowchart. There's over 200+ new games there and we're sure there will be something for everyone in there.


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