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Fun Party Games for Adults - Instructions

How many players? 2 to 3 4 to 5 Individual play. Relax, sit anywhere Choose either format oda 6 + Even chief Performer 2 teams sit in a horseshoe shape facing a stage. chief ) The Chief is after the Performer in the same team 2 teams sit in an alternating pattern. DEMAN DING BOSSY PIOUS DILOH DASS OUTR AGER PSYC HOTIO NSP BER DNIAOT Card Layout LOVING CALM AWES OME ELF APE NURSE HOLDOa NMO13 Start - ZOMBIE DOCTOR CLOWN Spin the spinner, whoever it points to starts. They are the Performer. Funny Feeling Cards + 6 Rolēe Cards ace up EVERY TURN if you are the Performer ... Spin the Spinner Take a Say/Sing, Ask, or Do card as shown on the outside of the Spinner. Roll the die and read the corresponding item on the card. Turn over the sand timer. You have 1 minute to perform your card and for your team to guess it. At the end of the turn, place any Feeling or Role cards chosen or guessed at the bottom of the pile and replace them with new cards so there are always 9 Feelings and 6 Roles visible. Play then moves clockwise with the next person on the Performer's left becoming the new Performer, or for odd numbers, the next player in the other team. DO & SAYISING CARDS Do and Say/Sing cards have a 'map' which shows which Feeling &/or Role to act. The inside circle of the spinner shows whether to do a Feeling or Role. In this example if the spinner points to: • Feeling use the middle of the nine Funny Feeling cards • Role, use the top right Role card • Combo, use both! 1. I see good in everyone i meet 2. You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel 3. I appse 1. The balls roll fur kiddo. 2. I'm going si. 3. Don't feel like so leave a messay First things first, we business 5. There's no nobility in pove 6. Last Christmas I gave you me 1. Deflating a blow-up bed 2. Riding an elephant Building IKEA furniture 4. Getting ready for a fancy dress party 5. Going shopping 4. There's really not much to know about me to be turning into a 5. I always keep my promises, always 6. Taxi ! zombi SING 6. Eating fiery pizza SAY ASK Read the relevant loud and secretly write the first 3 or 4 letters of one of the 9 Feelings action out loud in a neutral tone. Look to see if the card Read the question out has 'Say' or 'Sing' written under the map. You can't talk or make a noise and must mime the Either say or sing the phrase as the Feeling &/or Role indicates. that best answers it for action as the you personally. Feeling &/or Role indicates. Ignore Roles. Facial expressions are permitted, but do not use gestures! CHOOSING A CARD The team shout out ideas and discuss possibilities, but the Chief has the final say and chooses a Funny Feeling &/or Role card by picking it up. Correct guesses win 2 points, except for Combos, where if you guess: Either the Feeling or Role - win 1 point; Both - win 3 points. During their performance, any other player can cover one card with their hand to choose it, or in the case of Combos, cover a Funny Feeling and a Role card at the same time. If another player wants to choose the same card, they can cover someone else's hand with theirs INDIVIDUAL Each turn one player is the Performer. The first hand down receives 2 points per correct guess (i.e. 4 for correctly guessing both cards in a Combo) Covering hands earn 1 point per correct guess. Scoring (you can ask to see the card underneath). WINNING THE GAME The first team / individual to 15 points wins the game. GAN NMOT9 ISHAN JHOSZMM AWESOME NURSE CLOWN # 牛 ZOMBIE PSYCHOTIC APE ZOMBIE ELF DOCTOR ELF PLAY DOCTOR ## 23 #48

Fun Party Games for Adults - Instructions

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When you read the instructions for a game they're often hard to follow and not written in a particularly inspiring way. That's why for the Funny Feeling Party Game we designed the rules to be bold an...


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