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Evolution of Video Game Genres

THE EVOLUTION OF VIDEO GAME GENRES: FROM PAC-MAN TO FORTNITE GROWTH OF V DED GAMES In just a few decades, gaming has transformed from simple arcade games into complex online shooters. To better understand this evolution, we compared worldwide game sales over time, to determine each genre's peak popularity in history. VIDEO GAME GENRES Action Adventure Fighting Puzzles Racing Role-Playing Shooter Sports Strategy 1971 - Computer Space launches as world's first video game arcade machine. 1972 - Table-tennis game Pong becomes the first commercially successful video game release. 1978-84 ACTION & ARCADE Fact: The Pac-Man game has been played an estimated 10 bilion times since it's release in 1980. 72% of Total Game Sales Action Side Scrollers At-Home Consoles 8 Mario games released and sold 134.22 million units 1985-94 PLATFORMERS· •. ... Fact: The Legend of Zelda was the first game to feature "saves", allowing gamers to save their progress to return to later. + o° Hand-Held Gaming Donkey Kong & Super Mario Bros. Technological Improvements < 1989 - Nintendo releases the portable gaming console, Game Boy. 1985 - Super Mario Bros. releases and popularizes side scrolling platformer genre. < 1983 - Japan releases the Nintendo Entertainment System home console. 1995-2004 ROLE PLAYING / MMOS Role-playing games combine role-playing and fantasy wargames, and can easily track their earliest origins to the early 1970s. ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - 21.5% of Total Game Sales Dreamcast Xbox Live > 1998 - Zelda: Ocarina of Time innovates the RPG genre with z-targeting, allowing users to target specific enemies, a feature adopted by many games since. > 2001 - Bill Gates unveils Microsoft's first console Xbox, along with the massively popular Halo series. 2005-2014 SPORTS & RACING Fact In 2015, pro gaming was shown live for the first time on ESPN network, solidifying it as a legitimate sport. The Olympics is still hesitant to include esports at the moment. 21.5% of Total Game Sales Wii Sports Tony Hawk Madden NBA 2K > 2006 - Nintendo Wii brings gaming to the masses with motion controls, > 2007 - Nintendo releases the exercise game Wii Fit, later becoming the 8th highest selling video game of all time. later selling over 101 million units 2015-PRESENT SHOOTERS > 2016 - South Korea won the inaugural Overwatch World Cup and was watched by over 100,000 people. gRand thero auGo RED DEAD REDENPTION BATTLEFIELD Fact: Over 35 percent of gamers who work, play video games during work at least once a month. Gamers spend an average of 7 hours each week playing video games > 2018 - Pro gamer "UNIVERSE" became the Red Dead Grand Theft Auto Battlefield Redemption highest eSports earner at the time, bringing home $1.9 million from tournaments. HALO CALL-DUTY 19.5% Halo Call of Duty Destiny of Total Game Sales TODAY'S TRENDS Battle Royale Gaming as a Service >Fortnite spurs the gaming genre of Battle Royale to over 40% of total market share. > Xbox's Game Pass subscription, allows players to try hundreds of new games. A -ACE CASH EXPRES S'

Evolution of Video Game Genres

shared by tanner6 on Oct 27
As technology has become more advanced, so to have video game genres. Our team researched the top video game genres and their respective peak popularity.


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