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Evolution of the PlayStation

EVOLUTION OF THE PlayStation The first PlayStation transformed the way we game and raised the standard for gaming consoles. It has been through many changes over the years, becoming more than just a gaming device. The all new PS4 uses technology we never dreamed would exist in a gaming console. Join us for a look at the journey of the PlayStation. PlayStation Released 1994: Japan 1995: North America, Europe Cost and Australia $299 / £185 Features: 3D Real-time 3D graphic The first PlayStation This was the first game technology. featured the fastest console to use CD processor in gaming. technology. Before this, games were still in cartridge form. Controllers: AO The first controller featured the triangle, circle, x and XU square as the main buttons. SONY The Dual Analog (1997) featured two thumb sticks. The DualShock (1998) allowed players to feel the game's action through the vibration feature. Graphics: PS1 PlayStation graphics from Grand Theft Auto 1 Grand Theft Auto 1 (Open World Action-Adventure) IN GAME FOOTAGE Games Top-Selling Games: million units GRAN TURISNO Final Fantasy 4 IL PATALN 9.8 million units Gran Turismo 2 d2 9.3 million units BRAN TURISMO million Tomb Raider 2 RÄDER 8 units Metal Gear Solid METALSEAK 7 million units PS2. PlayStation 2 Released Cost 2000 $299 / £185 E Features: SONY TOSHIBA DVD Sony and Toshiba worked together to create new technology in the PS2, including the Emotion Engine A Network Adapter The EyeToy (2003) is a camera that captures a player's movements then feeds them back to the The PlayStation 2 was a three-in-one was released in entertainment and gaming device: • Video games • Music • DVD Player (new technology at the time). 2002, this allowed gamers to play some games online. PlayStation, making gaming hands-free for certain games. CPU. The DualShock 2 kept the same look, Controller: but was more accurate. • A analogue sticks tracked player's movement and pressure. • They were textured, allowing better grip. SONY us----- Face buttons could tell how Graphics: much pressure you were putting on the controller. DEE 5000000 PS2 PlayStation 2 graphics from Grand Theft Auto 3 Grand Theft Auto 3 (Open World Action-Adventure) IN GAME FOOTAGE Games The PS2 game library included around 10,000 games, more than any of its competitors. Top-Selling Games: GTA:San Andreas grand Thero 10.85 million units STAnbrtas GTA:Vice City grand thert 9.8 million units GRAN TURISM03 9.3 million BRAN TURISMO3 units grand thero 8 auto I Grand Theft Auto 3 million units METAL GEAR SOLID million GRAN TURISMO4 units PLAYST RTION3 PlayStation 3 PLAY STATI on 3 Released 2006 Cost 20GB: $499 / £310 60GB: $599 /£375 Features: Blu-ray Disc HDMI" PLAYSTATION Network PS3. This version featured a The release of the PS3 also In 2009, Sony released the PS3 cutting edge Cell-processor, larger hard drive, HDMI capabilities and a Blu-rayTM disc player. brought the launch of the PlayStation Network. PlayStation fans could now connect to the Internet, Slim: • Smaller and lighter • Took up 32% less space • Lower price of $300 / £185 • Used 34% less power download games, use cloud storage for their games, watch Netflix, YouTube, NFL Sunday Ticket and more. Controllers: The Sixaxis, released with the PS3, tracked players' movements in six The Sixaxis: axes, allowing players to easily change the direction of their character. It was the first wireless PlayStation controller. ANOS It lacked the vibration feature. DualShock 3: DualShock 3 (2007) brought the vibration feedback feature back. SONY It won an Emmy for Peripheral Development and Technological Impact of Video Game Controllers. Graphics: PS3 PlayStation 3 Graphics for Grand Theft Auto 4 Games Grand Theft Auto 4 (Open World Action-Adventure) IN GAME FOOTAGE Top-Selling Games: gRand auto, 13.51 million Grand Theft Auto V units Call of Duty: CALEY 12.51 million Modern Warfare 3 units Call of Duty: Black Ops CALLEDUTY 1189 million OLACK DPS units Call of Duty: CALL DUTY 10.72 units million BLACK OPS Black Ops II million Gran Turismo 5 10.55 BRAN TURISNO5 units PS4. PlayStation 4 Released Cost November 2013 U.S. - $399 UK - £399 Features: CPU It has You can turn the PS4 off in the middle of a game, You can stream your gameplay live to your friends (or the world) and they can respond by typing comments in real time. The new PlayStation 4 runs on a single-chip custom processor. 8GB or GDDR5 turn it back on, and be playing again within seconds. memory. Users will be able to play games while they are still downloading it. 3x You can also chat with up to eight other gamers while you play. The PS4 also features Remote Play, which will allow users to use the following as second screens for certain games: • PS Vita Blu-ray Disc • AndroidTM • Tablets The Blu-ray player is • iPhone • iPad three times faster than the PS3's. In order for this to function at full PlayStation 4 Eye: potential, users will have to do a software No more normal split update as soon as they get their device up and running. screens for multiple-player games. The tracking tech will track and follow the user's This new camera will allow gamers to play games more intuitively. • Sign into your account with the facial recognition • Use voice commands to turn the system on movement, so if the user gets up and goes left, his screen will be swapped automatically to the left. an off Users can lişten to music while playing games. The PS4 is compatible with social networks, allowing players to tie their Facebook profiles to their game and play under their real names and compete with their Facebook friends. >> Controllers: There are no Start or Select buttons on the DualShock 4, but there are Share and Option buttons. With the Share button you can upload and save your gameplay, then share screenshots with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. Analogue sticks are more precise. PlayStation 4 Eye tracks all controllers and their There is a headset jack witha mono speaker inside. movements. Graphics: The light bar on the front changes colors depending on which player you are. PS4 PlayStation 4 graphics for Watch Dogs Watch Dogs (Open World Action-Adventure) IN GAME FOOTAGE PS4 Sales Sony sold In 2013 SONY 2.1 million 4.2 million consoles in 32 PlayStation 4 consoles were sold B PS4. countries during the first 18 days of sales. around the world. The XBOX One, also.. released in November Between November 15 and December 28 2013, Sony sold 9.7 million PS4 games 2013, only sold 3 million consoles. online and in stores. Sources,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wiSH CO.UR CI

Evolution of the PlayStation

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The first PlayStation transformed the way we game and raised the standard for gaming consoles. It has been through many changes over the years, becoming more than just a gaming device.




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