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The Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles

The Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles 06:08 1967 The Brown Box O 1972 Magnavox Odyssey 1975 Atari Sears Tele-Games Pong System Magnavox Odyssey 100 Magnavox Odyssey 200 ODONG Coleco Telstar Fairchild Channel F Magnavox Odyssey 300 O 1976 Magnavox Odyssey 400 Magnavox Odyssey 500 The Wonder Wizard Model 7702 RCA Studio II Magnavox Odyssey 2000 Atari 2600 Atari Video Pinball • 1977 Atari Stunt Cycle Coleco Telstar Ranger Coleco Telstar Alpha Coleco Telstar Colormatic Coleco Telstar Combat Magnavox Odyssey 3000 Magnavox Odyssey 4000 Nintendo Color TV Game Series Coleco Telstar Coleco Telstar Colortron Sportsman Coleco Telstar Marksman Ô 1978 Coleco Telstar Gemini Bally Astrocade Coleco Telstar Arcade Magnavox Odyssey 2 Philips Odyssey 2001 Philips Odyssey 2100 1979 Mattel's Intellivison O 1981 Epoch Cassette Vision Emersion Arcadia ColecoVision 1982 Vectrex Atari 5200 Mattel Intellivision I O 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Casio PV-1000 Sega SG-1000 • 1984 Epoch Super Cassette Vision O 1985 Sega Master Šystem 1986 Atari 7800 1987 NEC TurboGrafx-16 • 1988 Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis 1989 NEC SuperGrafx 1990 Sega Master System II SNK NeoGeo AES (Advanced Entertainment System) Super Nintendo Entertainment System (ŚNES) O 1991 Philips CD-i • 1992 NEC TurboDuo 1993 Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Atari Jaguar Commodore Amiga CD32 Sega Genesis Sega Saturn Playstation 1994 Bandai Playdia SNK Neo Geo CD NEC PC-FX 1995 Apple Bandai Pippin Casio Loopy Nintendo's Virtual Boy ° 1996 Nintendo 64 1997 Sega Genesis 3 ° 1998 Sega Dreamcast o2000 Playstation 2 2001 Nintendo Gamecube Xbox o 2004 XaviXPORT • 2005 Xbox360 O 2006 Mattel's Hyperscan Playstation 3 Wi 2008 Envizions EVO Smart Console o2009 Wii MotionPlus 20 10 Kinect for Xbox 360 PlayStation Move Wije O20 12 Wii U Manufacturer Brand No. of models launched Atari/Sears Tele-Games Pong Atari 2600 Atari Atari Video Pinball 1 Atari Stunt Cycle Jaguar Bandai Playdia Bandai Apple Inc Apple Pippin Loopy Casio Casio PV-1000 Coleco Telstar Series 10 Coleco ColecoVision Commodore Amiga CD32 Emerson Radio Emerson Arcadia Envizions EVO Smart Console Epoch Casette Vision Fairchild Fairchild Channel F 1 GHP The Wonder Wizard Magnavox Odyssey Magnavox Magnavox Odyssey Series Mattel Hyperscan Mattel Intellivision 2. Midway Bally Astrocade 1 Microsoft Xbox 3 TurboGrafx-16 SuperGrafx NEC Turbo Duo PC FX Nintendo Color TV Game Series Virtual Boy Nintendo 64 1 Nintendo Gamecube Wii NES SNES Panasonic/Sanyo/GoldStar 3DO Philips Odyssey series Philips CD-i RCA RCA Studio II SG-1000 Sega Master System Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Saturn 1 Dreamcast Smith Engineering Vectrex Neo Geo AES SNK Neo Geo CD Sony SSD Company Playstation XaviXPORT The best selling home video game consoles Manufacturer Platform Released Units sold Sony PlayStation 2 2000 155 million Sony PlayStation 1994 102.49 million Nintendo Wi 2006 99.84 million Microsoft Xbox 360 2005 77.2 million Sony PlayStation 3 2006 70 million Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System 1983 61.91 million Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System 49.10 million 1990 Sega Genesis 1988 40 million Nintendo Nintendo 64 1996 32.93 million Atari Atari 2600 1977 30 million Microsoft Xbox 2001 24 million Nintendo GameCube 2001 21.74 million Sega SG-1000/Master System 1985 10-13 million Sega Dreamcast 1998 10.6 million NEC TurboGrafx-16 1987 10 million Sega Saturn 1994 9.5 million Sega Mega-CD 1991 6 million Atari Atari 7800 1986 3.77 million Nintendo Wii U 2012 3.45 million Nintendo Color TV Game 1977 3 million Mattel Intellivision 1980 3 million Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer 1993 2 million Magnavox/Philips Magnavox Odyssey? 1978 2 million Coleco ColecoVision 1982 2 million Coleco Telstar 1976 1 million May 21, 2013 New Xbox console unveiled!! XBOX ONE SPECS: 8 times the computing power of the previous Xbox 360 500 GB Hard Drive 8 GB Memory Built-in Blu-ray DVD player Kinect will come standard with every Xbox One Kinect redesign with larger field of view, 1080p HD Camera, enhanced gesture recognition, and improved array microphones for voice control Gaming Controller redesign: more distinct d-pad design, tactile feedback (rumble) “Impulse Triggers" and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity to the console. (Kind of) Doesn't Require Internet Connection Good News! Xbox One After Party Sources:

The Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles

shared by calvinayre on Feb 26
How well do you remember the evolution of home gaming? Here's an infographic of the complete history of home video game consoles, including the new xbox one launch.






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