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Evolution Of AI Software In Poker

POKER BOTS 0I11101010 00110 0101 0 0011 *010 1 O 110 0 0 00 Q1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1011 100 1 1111 010 0 The Early Days of Poker Bots TILL 2005 Scientist began testing The first public poker bot First-generation poker bots were very weak and gave money away at the table advanced Al software on tournament took place in Las Vegas in 2005, but the winning software lost to human by a significant margin chess boards and then moved to poker Research Group From The University of Alberta Creates First Serious Bot POLARIS IN 2007 Polaris was only able to play Heads-Up Limit Holdem poker games This bot managed to win 1 and draw 1 out of 4 matches he played against humans Polaris was updated in 2018 and was able to beat humans for the first time That raised concerns about poker bots abilities to counter No-Limit games in the future ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ The First Poker Bot To Solve Heads-Up Games CEPHEUS IN 2015 0101001101100 Cepheus was powered by 200 processors and managed to learn all possible situations in Heads-Up Limit games (316 quadrillion possibilities) during 2 month period Cepheus was programmed to play a balanced strategy and was unbeatable one-on-one This bot had many limitations, and experts agreed that it played very far from the most profitable strategy Taking No-Limit Games To The Challenge CLAUDICO IN 2015 Claudio challenged four professional heads-up players but lost to all of them The first No-Limit poker bot ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ ৩ Beating The Humanity LIBRATUS IN 2017 Libratus was self-learning software: it played during the day and analyzed the games during the night to improve its strategy and adjust Software played against different players and beat every single of his opponents in HUNL at the end of the battle The Real Threat PLURIBUS IN 2019 The first poker bot that is capable of playing against more than one In a 6-max game against 5 established poker pros, the bot end up as a slight winner after playing 10.000 hands Pluribus does not require extensive resources to run opponent like previous bots WHAT'S NEXT? SIGNS OF A POSSIBLE BOT PLAYER AT THE TABLE: Never responds in a chat Always uses the same bet sizing Often plays an Always plays a balanced strategy unrealistic number of tables T:OOBLURRY Never makes A few players Constantly plays very long sessions mathematical have identical stats mistakes in all situations

Evolution Of AI Software In Poker

shared by mauzerizzz on Jul 09
Learn how poker bots evolved over the years and what we can do about AI software that is actually beating the poker today.


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