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EPC vs eCPM-What's more important?

CPM vs ECPM СРМ VS What's More Important? X 1000 What is CPM? What is eCPM? e #Electronic Cost Per Mille aka CPM stands for the cost of 1000 Ad impressions paid by the Advertiser to Publisher for the Ad slot. Effective Cost Per Mille or eCPM is the cost of 1000 Ad impressions with respect to certain performance goal for 'Mille' is the Latin word with attached to it. literal meaning 'Thousand'. Unlike CPM, which is typically for brand awareness, the CPM = Cost of Campaign + Number of Impressions x 1000 ECPM has a specific performance to evaluate with such as leads and installs. For instance, Advertiser 'Y' paid $20 for 10000 Ad Impressions to Publisher 'X', the CPM would be $2. The high eCPM means the impressions are successfully performing the required action. What is eCPM Floor AKA Predefined CPM? Is RPM the same as CPM? CPM and RPM are 2 sides of the same coin ECPM floor is the minimum predefined CPM an advertiser should meet in order to advertise in publisher's App. Cost Per Mille is the cost advertiser pays for 1000 Ad Impressions. Whereas, ECPM floor is the pre-set cost per mille by the developer in the waterfall. Revenue Per Mille is the revenue publisher earns for 1000 Ad impressions. The Good or Bad - Average CPM! The CPM varies with keeping various factors in account. Some of them are as follows: Operating Network Ad Format Region Ad Network AD The overall average CPM in 2018 was as follows: $2 android devices | $5 iOS devices Highest eCPM country-wise (Q4 2020) Rewarded Video Ads Q4 2020 Rewarded Video Ads Q4 2020 1 Australia $12.21 1 United State $17.36 United State $11.35 2 Australia $10.73 3 South Korea $8.34 Norway $10.18 4 Norway $8.16 4 Taiwan $10.12 Japan $8.15 Japan $9.64 New Zealand $7.68 6. Hong Kong $9.36 7 Denmark $7.66 7 New Zealand $9.12 8 Switzerland $6.68 8 China $8.67 Taiwan $5.66 9. South Korea $8.6 10 United Kingdom $5.5 10 Canada $8.55 CPM vs CPM - The CRUX The CPM has nothing to do with CTR, which might be a crucial measure of the effectiveness of the campaign otherwise for the eCPM. The eCPM can be directly applied to monetization models such as CPC and CPA, whereas it's not an option in the case of CPM. CPM is exclusively about the number of Ad impressions. On the other hand, eCPM looks at the productivity and effectiveness these impressions bring in under the light of the campaign goal.

EPC vs eCPM-What's more important?

shared by emilywilson1 on May 25
In-App Advertising involves both the Publisher and Advertiser sides, which often arises confusion for beginners or laymen. The technical jargons and narration make it happen so. eCPM and CPM are one p...


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