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Effective Monetization Strategies For Your Free App

All the Effective Monetization Strategies For Your Free App What is Mobile App Monetization? The process of generating revenue with your Mobile App is known as Mobile App Monetization. Mainly there are 2 major models opted by publishers to Monetize their Apps. Free Apps Paid Apps Number of Free-Paid Mobile Number of Free-Paid Mobile Apps % Worldwide Apps % Worldwide Free Paid Free Paid Jun 19' 95.6% 4.4% Jun 19' 90% 10% Oct 19' 96% 4% Oct 19' 90.2% 9.8% Dec 19' 96.2% 3.8% Dec 19' 96.8% 9.2% Mar 20' 96.3% 3.7% Mar 20' 96.4% 9.6% Jun 20' 96.4% 3.4% Jun 20' 91.9% 8.1% Sep 20' 96.5% 3.5% Sep 20' 92.3% 7.7% Jan 21' 96.7% 3.3% Jan 21' 92.7% 7.3% Free Apps - The Real Winners! Nothing is FREE in the world, and so are these Free Apps, which actually help publishers to earn revenue something in between Hundreds to Millions of Dollars. But How? All this stands true with effective and innovative Monetization strategies improving now and then. Monetization Strategies- Do it Effectively! In-App Advertising In-App Purchases "Publishers generate revenue when user buy digital goods & services to be used within the App' Publishers earn via showing Ads in their App' Ad Formats In-App Purchase Currency 000 000 & Others Interstitial Ads & Others Native Ads Coins Points Extra Lives Reward Ads Unlock Level Banner Ads Example Example Business Business Buying Solider Crates in PUBG Subscriptions Freemium Affiliate Program The fee charged by the publisher in advance for a definite time access to App's services' The free-to-use App with a certain fee paid by the user to the publisher for accessing the premium features of the App' Publishers build a partnership with other Apps or business by promoting their App/Services and earning Incentives/Referral Amount in Unlike paid Apps, this pricing model focuses on user's shift to premium content for a certain period. exchange" Free-to-Use Apps when upgraded Mostly Affiliate earning is commission- based with anything between 2%-10% of the product price. are called Freemium. Example Example Skype is FREE, but to call on Netflix Premium Monthly Subscription for $17.99 Example Mobile Number user needs to Microsoft Affiliate Program for App Developers buy Skype Credits. N E.

Effective Monetization Strategies For Your Free App

shared by emilywilson1 on May 25
Establishing an App loved by users is a half done task, as the other half depends upon choosing the right Mobile App monetization strategy. More or less, it works like a lock-and-key model where publi...


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