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Is the console dying?

KAPITALL prèsents DECEMBER PORTFOLIO A GAME CHANGER IS THE CONSOLE DYING? mim IS IT GAME OVER FOR THE CONSOLE GAMING INDUSTRY? OR CAN IT CONTINUE ITS DOMINANCE IN THE MARKETPLACE? !!! $25.5 billon "Consumer spending on console game software could be as high as $25.5 billion this year, while sales of mobile games are expected to reach $9.7 billion." Nintendo's Wii U console launched on Nov 18th and sold 400k units in its first week (2) :: -37% 400K Console sales are down 37% year -25% Y$500 millon over year(2) Retail sales of video games are down 25% year over year Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has grossed over $500 million making it the #1 entertainment release of all time $220 millon (2)(3) Gamers are playing more on mobile devices Halo 4 grossed $220 million while available First Realese only on Xbox (2) 46% Gaming consoles are no longer used primarily for gaming 7 46% of all time spe playing video games occurs on mobile devices (9) 67% 39% 40% 40% 40% of all Xbox activity is due to streaming through Tablet users spend 67% of their time playing games, while smart phone users spend 39% (1) Netflix and Amazon NETFLIX NETFLIX AMAZON (7) 50% Mobile games áre cheaper than traditional console multimedia (4) Game consoles account for half of all Netflix users (7) A standard video game costs around $35, compared to $1, $3, and $5 mobile games (4) BB $35 New consoles are striking the interest of a new generation of fans $5 $3 $1 $99 Ouya, a $99 indie console, raised $8.6 million on Kickstarter in 2012 Tablet performance is becoming increasingly better for gaming (8) $8.6 millon (6) The iPad beats Xbox 360 and PS3 in on-screen pixels Microsoft and Sony are expected to launch their next generation consoles next year(4 2048 x 7536 pl 1280 x (1 (8) 720px Rumored specs for Xbox 720 and PS4 indicate a dramatic boost in both graphics and gameplay performance (10) х4 The new iPad's A5X processor drives four times the pixels of iPad2 (8) 2013 STOCK PICKS STOCK PICKS.. GameStop 2 SONY power ta the player rovi GAMESTOP TAKE TWO SONY CORP ROVI CORP APPLE INC ACTIVISION FA Microsoft glu MICROSOFT ACTIVISION ELECTRONIC ARTS zynga. ZYNGA INC GLU MOBILE Nintendo NINTENDO (1) (2) http://beta.fool. com/iamgreatness/2012/11/28/quality-investment-video-games/17396/?logvisit%-Dy&source=eednaslnk0000001&published%=2012-11-28 (3) http://www.telegraph. (4) Industry_Dying (5) (6) disruptions-and-transitions-gaming-in-2013/ (7) (8) http://techland.time. com/2012/03/13/7-reasons-apples-new-ipad-could-replace-your-console/ (9) game-consoles/ (10) Brought to you by KAPITALL

Is the console dying?

shared by Kapitall on Dec 18
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