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Community Grows to 32 Million Players

LEAGUE LEGENDS of 32.5 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED UP FOR LEAGUE OF LEGENDS PLAYER STATS MONTHLY PLAYERS 11.5 MILLION PLAYING AT DAILY PLAYERS THE SAME TIME 4.2 MILLION 1.3 MILLION GAME STATS Since League of Legends launched in October 2009, our community has racked up some pretty big numbers. Here are some stats we collected from our North American and European servers as of 11/11/11: CHAMPIONS MINIONS GOLD KILLED KILLED EARNED 15 BILLION 200 BILLION 21 TRILLION 10.5 MILLION HOURS PLAYED EVERY DAY [WORLOWIDE) EQUAL TO 1,197 YEARS 1,197 YEARS AGO THERE WERE VIKINGS! DAILY STATS IN A LEAGUE OF LEGENDS MINUTE CHAMPIONS KILLED DEATHCAPS BOUGHT 62,000,000 1,200,000 CHAMPIONS KILLED 43,055 DEATHS BY BOTS TRINITY FORCES BOUGHT 3,000,000 690,000 MINIONS KILLED 569,444 MINIONS KILLED WARMOG'S ARMOR BOUGHT 820,000,000 9 580,000 TIMES TEEMO DIED 1,389 TIMES TEEMO DIED GOLD EARNED 2,000,000 87 BILLION GOLO EARNED 60,416,666 PRO PLAYERS The League of Legends competitive scene is growing by leaps and bounds - here are some stats from two of our most recognizable pros: HOTSHOTGG SHUSHEI VS 1,897 2,522 TOTAL RANKED GAMES 10,031 20,530 TOTAL KILLS 225,083,824 320,834,449 TOTAL DAMAGE DONE COMMUNITY STATS When they aren't fighting on Summoner's Rift or the Crystal Scar, our players are posting on the forums, watching our videos, spectating professional matches, and creating amazing League of Legends art, costumes, songs and more: FORUMS TOTAL NUMBER TOTAL NUMBER TOTAL NUMBER OF POSTS OF THREAOS OF UPVOTES e 23,007,035 2,350,034 O 35,318,227 CREATIVITY SUMMONER SHOWCASE SUBMISSIONS THIS YEAR 6,800 YOUTUBE ESPORTS TOTAL NUMBER VIDEO VIEWS PEOPLE WHO WATCHED SEASON ONE CHAMPIONSHIP 168,046,996 1,690,000 MORE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBERS THAN: SEASON ONE CHAMPIONSHIP CONCURRENT VIEWERS KATY PERRY, LINKIN PARK, AND TAYLOR SWIFT 210,000 SEASON TWO TOTAL PRIZE POOL FIVE MILLION U.S. DOLLARS

Community Grows to 32 Million Players

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Since our last announcement just four months ago, you’ve helped the League of Legends community more than double in size, reaching a staggering 32 million registered players. Moreover, at any given ...


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