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Candy Crush Games Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Cansly Cush CANDY CRUSH SAGA GAMES CHEATS, TIPS AND TRICKS by Play Candy Crush Games Recognize all sprinkle donut hole and special candy. By repeating them allows you to wipe the board and earn your ticket and move to the higher level. Crushing and swiping candies on bottom is better then crushing them at the top. Candies drop down and cascade potential gives you free moves. Go for more combos. Best combinations are wrapped and striped candy. Other one is sprinkle donut and striped candy. They wide half of the board for you. This helps to go to difficult places. This is perfect way to get level 181. If a wrapped cándy is switched with one then it will ignite 6 by 4 quare which can člear huge area. 1- Find the Patterns 2- Start at the bottom 3 - Go for com bos Clear all jelly candies on the board. When getting clear of jellies, only care about edges the corners and bottoms. Because these jellies have least combinations. So it will the hardest to get rid off. Take a time in each move if you can clear jellies, if not then move on easier one. Estimate all your threats. Prioritize them. For example make a rule to kill low number of bombs first, after that chocolate then go after blocks. If candy is striped in the same direction as the final candy moved to complete the previous formation. If you move candies horizontally, so that it will make a horizontal stripe. Which will then explode horizontally. 6 - Clear jellies on the edge! 5 - Assess your threats! 4 - Know your stripes! Prepare a plan. Each time you move on the new level. First of all look at the hardest element on the level. Think how can you defeat first it before you use up lives. You may have sprinkle and not even realize it if you are watching candies from lower moves get crushed. Make more and more +5 candy crush chain on whatever levels you can. So that this will add extra 5 seconds to a time trial level. You can tell if is a time travel level or clear the jelly level based on small icon found in the left corner ot start up Understand the chocolate candies. If you've eaten a piece of chocolate on one round, this will not regenerate the following round. This is perfect option to keep your chocolate at bay. Try to destroy chocolate each round so that it will regenerate again. By applying this method you can clear all chocolates. screen. 8 - Understand chocolate! 9 - +5 Candy is your friend 7 - Make a Plan 2$ brought to you by : FO1 Funders and Founders Piktochart I- make information beautiful

Candy Crush Games Cheats, Tips and Tricks

shared by playcandycrushgames on Sep 29
Candy crush saga games most addictive online game ever. One of the most played game on facebook, where players have to crush candies by making match of three or more. Here i have shared some useful ti...


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