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The Best Driving Video Games

-THE BEST DRIVING KMC VIDEC GAMES.. GIKturbo INSERT COIN R4 CES GAM 33R PLA 73R The video game industry is HUGE, with a variety of titles available over a range of platforms, and driving games in particular have always been incredibly popular. URIO Let's take a look back at some of the best... ATARI POLE POSITION Let's go back to 1982 for one of the first arcade racers: Pole Position. It 0"00 was the first game to include a real track for its course (Fuji Speedway, to be precise) and proved to be the most popular coin-operated arcade game in 1983. ТОP 11120 TIME LAP SCORE 11120 75 SPEED Omph 9TART Pole Position Il soon followed, as did a cartoon inspired by the game. It also inspired many games to follow, making it one of the most influential games ever made. OUTRUN 1986 brings us to the award-winning Outrun. Perhaps most famous for its use of the Ferrari Testarossa, this game is also well known for offering the player a choice of catchy soundtrack to accompany their driving. 252% STAGE 1 You didn't race against opponents in this one, you'd simply drive, attempting to reach certain checkpoints within a strict time limit while avoiding obstacles or coming off the road - and if you crashed, your blonde companion certainly was not happy! GOAL STAGE 5 PROGRESS POS 23 % NEED FOR SPEED GOOD DRIFT 10M The Need for Speed franchise began in 1994 and since then there's been at least 20 games in the series, featuring a whole range of exotic cars. Based on illegal street-racing, it wasn't long before players were either avoiding pursuit or taking the role of a police officer. Add some top quality graphics and the challenge of unlocking new cars to use as you progress and you have an impressive new addition to video game history. It even inspired a film. DRIFT 24M 235 MPH Lap Tìme 0:11:233 GRAN TURISMO The Gran Turismo series began in 1997. This game let you customise your car to race real tracks, and then showed you all of the action again in a movie-like replay. The fourth instalment even let you 'photograph' your vehicle, and with so many to choose from this was quite a feature. TOTAL 118 mph COOPER There was a vast range of licensed real vehicles, each with their own realistic TOYOT sound effects, and for the most dedicated of gamers there was the option to play a 24 hour endurance race! DIRT speedline 1998 brought with it the hugely successful Colin McRae Rally. Now known as Dirt, this series became well ÖHLINS LIQUI MOLY known for its realism and attention to detail, thanks to advice from Colin McRae himself, and allowed the player to take on the role of real World Rally Championship drivers in real World Rally Championship cars; players could delight in over-steering their Subaru around the courses, taking tight corners, muddying up their car, and launching themselves over bumps in the road at high speed (often with disastrous results!). 1 00 06°49 SUPER MARIO KART We wouldn't have much of a list without Super Mario Kart! This one is all about the fun, with a range of short cuts and power-ups, as well as a battle mode that could turn the best of friends into arch enemies! Named by Guinness World Records as the top console game ever, Super Mario Kart allowed you to race as one of a number of characters from the Mario franchise, throwing bananas or dropping eggs to hinder the other players. It's been imitated often since its release in 1992, but perhaps never overtaken. Designed and Compiled by: PLATES4LESS Sales: 01792 477316 (Calls may be recorded for training and security purposes.) KMC Email: Address: VRM Swansea, P.O Box 465, Śwansea, SA1 8YN יובןאצאצאXSAE

The Best Driving Video Games

shared by kentcharlie on May 21
The video game industry is huge, with a wide number of title available across a range of platforms. Driving games, in particular, had been incredibly popular. Here, let’s a quick peek at some of the best.




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