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Battlefield vs Call of Duty Timeline

BATTLEFIELD VS, CALLDUTY OF TIMELINE 2002 System PC PC ce no BATTLEFIELD Worldwide sales (number of units) Battlefield: 1942 Setember 2002 DICE Rating: 89% 2.07M Game Title Release Date Developer Meta Critic Rating 2003 .640M РC РСеввом BATTLEFIELD 1942 PC CALL DUTY PC Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome BATTLEFIELD February 2003 1942 DICE Rating: 84% SECRET WEAPONS .48M Call of Duty: October 2003 Infinity Ward Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWI September 2003 Rating: 91% DICE Rating: 79% 2004 PC PC CALL OUTY UNIEU OFFENSIVE 1O BATTIFFIELD VieINAM 4.28M 1.22M PE ACIVBON Battlefield: Vietnam March 2004 Call of Duty: United Offensive September 2004 Gray Matter Rating: 87% DICE Rating: 84% Xbox CALL DUTY PS2 INISINOUR GC Call of Duty: Finest Hour PC PC November 2004 Spark Unlimited Rating: 76% BATTLEFIELD 2005 1.27M 2.3M Battlefield 2 June 2005 CALL DUTY2 PC Xbox DICE MAC PC 3.52M PS2 Rating: 91% 360 360 BATTLEFIELD2 PC PC 12 FA Xbox CALL DUTY2 Battlefield 2: BALTLEFIELD Call of Duty 2 October 2005 Modern Combat PS2 October 2005 GC DICE Infinity Ward Rating: 80% Rating: 89% Battlefield 2: Special Forces Call of Duty 2: Big Red One November 2005 November 2005 DICE Rating: 77% Treyarch Rating: 87% 2006 Xbox CALL DUTY3 360 5.67M PS2 PC PS3 Wii 2142 BATTLEFIELD Call of Duty 3 November 2006 Treyarch Rating: 82% EA Battlefield 2142 October 2006 DICE Rating: 80% 1.79M PSP 2007 CALL DUTY ROADS TO VICTORY 18.23M ACIMBON Call of Duty 2: Roads to Victory March 2007 PC MAC Amaze 360 CALL DUTYA Rating: 64% PS3 MOOERN WARFARE Wii Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare November 2007 Infinity Ward Rating: 94% 2008 13.87M 1.85M 360 PS2 PlayStation.2 PC PS3 360 CALL DUTY CALL DUTY PS3 WORLD AT WAR WORLD AT WAR Wii 2.5M BATTLEFIELD Battlefield: Call of Duty: World At War Bad Company Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts November 2008 June 2008 DICE November 2008 Rating: 84% Treyarch Rating: 85% Treyarch Rating: 65% 2009 iOS CALEDUTY PC heroes 22.65M Call of Duty: Battlefield Heroes World at War: June 2009 Zombies DICE November 2009 Ideaworks Rating: 78% Rating: 69% PC 360 35M PS3 360 CAHTY MODERN WARA PS3 Wii BATLEFIELD MODENN WARFARE IM+ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: November 2009 Battlefield 1943 July 2009 DICE Mobilized November 2009 n-Space Rating: 73% Infinity Ward Rating: 94% Rating: 83% 2010 PC 360 PS3 BATTLEFIELD UTHMPANYT 26.3M ios 6.1M Battlefield: PC PC 360 RATTLEFIELD Bad Company 2 March 2010 360 PS3 CALL-DUTY DICE PS3 EPAME Rating: 88% BLACK OPS Wii DS Battlefield: Call of Duty: Black Ops Bad Company 2: Vietname November 2010 December 2010 reyarch Rating: 87% DICE Rating: 88% 2011 PC PC 360 360 PS3 BATTLEFTELD PS3 CALL-DUTY iOS Battlefield 3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 October 2011 DICE November 2011 Infinity Ward Sledgehammer Rating: ? Rating: 90 5M First week visual ly Sources: VGChartz, IGN, Junar дуЯ ECOMPANY

Battlefield vs Call of Duty Timeline

shared by visually on Nov 07
The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is ready for release on November 8th. Here, we take a look at the two gaming series, Battlefield and Call of Duty, head to head in an update timeline of the hist...



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