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The art of body language and gaming life

THE ART OF BODY LANGUAGE AND GANING LIFE People lie, cheat and bluff in all walks of life and being able to spot deception is an essential skill, especially when playing poker. Using our beginner's guide to body language, you'll be calling bluffs and winning hands in no time. BODY LANGUAGE - STATS AND FACTS Communication is made up of : Words Tone of voice Body language 7% 38% 55% BODY LANGUAGE AT WORK BODY LANGUAGE ON THE TOWN Strong First Impressions : Hold eye contact for a moment longer than usual. |(Just don't stare). Sit Up Straight : Aim for a neutral posture in meetings by mirroring their and interviews Likability : "Click' with someone Approachability : Adopt an open posture. Never cross arms. mannerisms. THE USUAL SUSPECTS - FOUR COMMON SIGNS OF LYING Eye Conțact : Líars make more eye contact to see if their lie has been believed Fiddling : An increase in fiddling şuggests discomfort and possible lies 2 Covered mouth or nosę : This is subconscious “self-muting" Crossed feet : Check feet as liars forget to 'control' them 4 POKER BLUFFS Weak hand? Bluff with these techniques : Splash the Chips : Bet with confidence and grab attention Stare Down : Stare at opponents to scare them off 2 No. #1 Bluffing Rule : Weak actions = Strong Hand /Strong actions = Weak Hand %3D %3D Strong hand? Bluff with these techniques : Disappointed Yawn : Āct uninterested and trick opponents into betting Lean Back : Appear uninterested and non-threatening 4 Remember : Be subtle - don't overdo it! Call your mate's bluff : Breaking a Story : Players have difficulty telling a story whílst in possesion of a good hand Pre-emptive Bet : Bluffers plan their moves, so watch out for players who act with haste bla,bla, bla, bla...bla,bla. ..bla 00000 Warning Pros may reverse or fake their body language.

The art of body language and gaming life

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An amazing 55% of communication is body language! Using this beginner's guide to body language you'll be calling bluffs and winning hands in no time and not just around the poker table!


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