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Addicted to Video Games

Addicted to VIDEO GAMES Gaming is a big business! In Korea, there are about 300 professional gamers, who play in 11 teams. Corporations pay as much as $20 million per year to Matches in Starcraft, the most popular game in Korea, are played in an olym- pic stadium, with 30,000 fans watching. In a recent scandal, gambling cartels have been bribing professio- nal players to lose matches on purpose. sponsor a team. of US citizens 72% play videogames 18 hours / week playing (6 to 44 years old) 4% of US gamers are "extreme gamers" 50 hours / week playing 48 Empire State Buildings per WEEK!! If the Extreme Gamers could build if the playing time devoted to building skyscrapers. Gaming can be addictive Symptoms of addiction Environment and relations with other • Anger and verbal • Difficulty facing abuse, sometimes obligations, procras- tination. · Boredom/inability to find an activity of Source: Online Gamers Anonymous extreme. · Excessive crying. • Lack of motivation and direction. interest Physical • Nausea. Physical illness - colds, allergies. • Restless, unfulfilling, taunting dreams. Sensations • The urge to go back to gaming and try to control the time played. • Feeling as though a return to gaming will make you feel better. Dream • A disruption in sleep patterns. • Fantasies and dreams about the game. • Excessive amounts of time spent sleeping. Psychological • Anxiety. · A feeling of emptiness. • Depression. • Relief. • Thinking about the game for extended periods of time. • Uncontrollable feelings or rampant mood swings. • Fear. • Irritability or restlessness. • Sadness. • Loneliness. 8.5% American youth gamers (ages 8-18) is clinically "addicted" to playing video games Males ages 8 to 18 report feeling "addicted to video games 18 Reports from around the world Hours playing / week 16 suggest that gaming addiction is real and on the rise. Nationally, 10 8.5 percent of youth gamers (ages 8 to 18) can be classified as pathological or clinically "addicted" to playing video Kids (8-12 years) Teens (13-18 years) Addiction can be fatal! WORLD WARCRAFT One doctor claims 40% of World of War- craft players are addic- ted. A Swedish youth 40% organisation called World of Warcraft “the cocaine of games" of World of Warcraft players are addicted. A Korean child starved to death after both her A Ohio teen Daniel Petric shot his parents, killing his mother, after they took away his copy of Halo 3. Alexandra Tobias shook Korean Seungseob Lee died of cardiac arrest after Tyrone Spell- man of Phila- her baby to death, after the boy's crying had been delphia killed his 17-month old daughter after she parents spent many hours in an internet cafe, raising a virtual child in Prius interrup- ting her game of FarmVille. a 50-hour Starcraft marathon. broke his Xbox game console. online instead. FARMVILLE | 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 Infographici Sourcesi feunjanjeur http:/ online/6252524 stm http://kotaku.com5540370koreas-starcraft-scandal-worsens ars 005/29lextreme-gamers-spend-48-hours-per-week-gaming http://www.thelocalse/l 7840/20090226/ http://history

Addicted to Video Games

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Gaming is a big business! In Korea, there are about 300 professional gamers, who play in 11 teams. Corporations pay as much as $ 20 million per year to sponsor team. Matches in Starcraft, the most p...


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