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60 Years Of Scrabble Stats & Facts

The highest number of points that you 60 YEARS 128 POINTS can score on your first go is 128 points with "muzjiks" meaning a Russian peasennt SCRABBLE INFOGRAPHICS@ 124 ACCEPTABLE YO 124 OF SCRABBLE M|U|Z]JIK|S I|K|S SCRABBLE WORDS USING EVERY LETTER IN THE ALPHABET STATS & FACTS APART FROM "V" The worlds biggest game of scrabble took place in Wembley Stadium to celebrate the game's 50th Birthday in 1998. Each tile measured a huge 6ft square and took 2 strong men to lift. The game that took place is in the Guines Book of Records! www.SCRABBLEWORDSOLVER.COM TWO LETTER WORDS 111 11 FIRST CALLED THE GAME LEXICO 150 MILLION 30,000 CHARGED WITH ASSAULT THEN CALLED CRISS CROSS WORDS Each hour over 30,000 Scrabble game are started A woman was charged with assault in 1996 in the USA when she struck her husband over Over 150 Million games sold in over 121 Countries around the world GAME FINALY CALLED SCRABBLE the head with a Scrabble board! There are 4,000 $450 DOLLARS frst 2400 game sets released Amount of money lost on the first 2400 Scrabble clubs around the world A PINK VERSION OF THE GAME WAS PRODUCED AND SOLD TO SUPPORT THE BREAKTHROUGH 29 LANGUAGES 8 TIMES SCRABBLE 162,390 CHARITY WHICH AIMS TO RAISE THE AWARENESS OF CANCER! Scrabble is produced in 29 different languages the latest being Welsh If all the Scrabble tiles ever produced were laid side by side they would stretch around the Can be played through both the email and the post The record for two players over 24 hours is in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre in 2002 by Chris Hawkins from Peterborough and Austin Shin from Aylesbury. They played a whopping 162 games - over points, scored world 8 times! Donate @ 53% OF ALL HOMES 6 per hourl! IN BRITAIN OWN A 1 IN 3 HOMES IN AMERICA OWN A SCRABBLE BOARD SCRABBLE SET

60 Years Of Scrabble Stats & Facts

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An infographic displaying facts and statistics about the popular word board games Scrabble.






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