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3D Hive

3D HiVe DID YOU KNOW? PLAYWARE STUDIOS ASIA START YOUR OWN HIVE 3D Hive was developed under the FutureSchools@ SG initiative and is a Create teams in the school, each with a goal to create their own 3DHive game patent pending technology. YOU ARE HERE! Welcome to the 3DHive! A three-dimensional, highly immersive, QUEEN BEE MAIN ROLES virtual environment designed from the ground up for learning to play and playing for learning. The local champion of the hive. The Queen Bee is both the heart and mind of the overall effort. This is usually the Principal or Vice Principal. Champions the Hive Provides it with direction Monitors other Hives Connects with aligned Hives Assigns resources where necessary 3DHive offers the best-of-edge technology and game methodologies to enable schools to tap into the immense learning potential of emergent gameplay and user-generated content. PRINCESS BEES WORKER BEES SOLDIER BEES THE BROOD GET CONNECTED TO THE HIVE Princess Bees are either Worker Bees are Student Groups. They report to the Solider Bees. Solder Bees are teacher groups. They The Brood is composed ot members of the school s subject matter experts or proficient with the 3DHive Editor. They report to the Queen Bee. report to the Princess Bees. MAIN ROLES Decide for their game community who, while not contributing directly to the development of the INSTALL THE EDITOR I. Place the 3DHive installation DVD in MAIN ROLES your computer's DVD drive 2. The Autorun should launch. otherwise click on your drive icon 3. Follow the on-screen instructions Collecting media tor the game Creating vlogs and videos Taking pictures Researching statistics and information Recording audios and interviews Making Diagrams and Charts games, are still an essential part of the ecosystem as the main users of the games. learning context Story & characters Multi-Media MAIN ROLES Chief evangelists of the Hive Co-ordinate groups of Soldier Bees Design the game embed the Media in the game 4. More details in the Installation guide included on the DVD MAIN ROLES SECONDARY ROLES Use the games developed by the Hive for teaching and learning Rate the games and provide feedback and SECONDARY ROLES Train Soldier Bees SECONDARY ROLES Connect with other Hives Vet the work of Soldier Bees Train Worker Bees Vet the work of Worker Bees Play-testing the game 2 JOIN THE COMMUNITY I. Launch your web browser 2. Browse to the following web address: 3. Click on the Join this Site button comments BROOD TEACHERS BROOD STUDENTS Discover alternative uses tor the games Request the Hive for new content and features Participate in reflective group discussions about their experiences Create personal narratives and diaries about the game Add screenshots and media from games to their learning portfolios 4. Follow the on-screen instructions Provide their views on the student usage metrics for the games they use 3 REGISTER FOR SUPPORT HIVE HONEYCOMB 3D MULTIPLAYER Games can be used by teachers in the classroom for a variety of learning activities. I. Send an email to [email protected] 2. Enter Registration as the subject heading 3. Include your name, school name, NRIC and address in the body text The Hive Honeycomb reters to the live and organic content and data library created by the hive. The school owns the intellectual property Information GAMES Games previously created for one subject can be used for another subject. The easiest example of this can be a social studies game used as a plattorm for language learning. Video & Audio Interactive rights to content they create in the 3DHive system using the Esoteric Editor. Therefore, the content created in the system takes a life all its own. Objects Picture & Graphics Virtual Field Trips Ready Games are used as a springboard for new game ideas. Games already made become templates for other similar Virtual Learning Environments Virtual Content created in the system can be used in many ditterent ways. Adventures Social Immersive games. MULTIMEDIA Experiences OBJECTS THE HONEY TAP New content can be added to an existing 3D Hive is a Cloud Saas which means there The Esoteric Editor is a treeware and the are no costs for subscription or upgrades etc. In fact there are no hidden costs. The Honeycomb in the 3DHive is both rich and never-ending and eventually becomes continuOUs and pervasive. This data takes many forms but can primarily be classified as the following game to extend its capabilities. 30 Hive online service is available on an Content can be edited from a copy of an existing game to make a simpler game for a lower level. aftordable pay-as-you-use hourly rate. Content created for one game can be used for another game.

3D Hive

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This infographic provides information about the 3D hive program, which is a 3D program built to teach about playing video games. This infographic shows how to create your own hive.


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