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$2 Billion Unclaimed Lottery Winnings: What You Could Buy

OTTERY LOTTERY UNCLAIMED LOTTERY WINNINGS: What Could You Buy? Every year in the US alone there are $2 BILLION WORTH OF UNCLAIMED LOTTERY PRIZES. Amazingly, people regularly lose their tickets or simply forget to check whether they've picked the winning numbers! At Lottosend, your online lottery service, we keep your lottery ticket safe and secure, and notify you when you win, so you'll never lose out on that big prize. But what could you buy if you got hold of all this unclaimed cash? 921 1818 5 Bugatti Veyron 6.4 Grand Sport Vitesse sports cars Hennessey Venom GT sports cars Tianhe-2 supercomputers O $2.17 million each $1.1 million each O $390 million each 4. Airbus A380 Custom planes $500 million each BANK The Central Bank of Belgium $1.88 billion Bayern Munich Football Club $1.88 billion The Maldives O Estimated GDP is $1.94 billion Spotify 1.88 MILLION 23% 2.5% stake in Spotify stake in Apple Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB for the population company value is estimated at $8.4 billion company value is estimated at $124.2 billion of Nebraska O $2 billion combined 51.7 TONNES OF GOLD THE "FREEDOM OF THE SEAS" AND valued at $38,663 "NORWEGIAN EPIC" CRUISE SHIPS per kilogram 1176 2.65 MIllion The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team Titan 370-inch 4K Big Mac burgers from McDonalds in Switzerland televisions $2 billion value O $1.7 million each $7.54 each The Endeavour space The national debt of shuttle Botswana $1.7 billion $1.97 billion 13 22,406 Boeing 747 planes thoroughbred horses The Taipei 101 tower O $153 million each O $153 million each O $1.97 billion Sources Lottosend

$2 Billion Unclaimed Lottery Winnings: What You Could Buy

shared by jgfaulkner2012 on Apr 27
It might come as quite a surprise but not everyone who wins at the lottery actually ends up claiming their winnings. In fact, there have been cases where amounts in the millions have never been claime...





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