16 Facts about Zelda

16 Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know About Nintendo's Legend of Zelda Zelda and Mario were developed at the same time, so the two borrowed some elements from each game. The firebar from Zelda made its way to Mario and the piranha plant from Mario crossed over to the Zelda games. Link is based on Peter Pan The emblem was known as the Mitsuuroko, which translates to "The Three Dragon Scales" 5p first five dungeons from the second quest spell Z-E-L-D-A. The Japanese version of the Legend of Zelda came with stickers. The Link is (Usually) Left-Handed Link was originally going to start with a sword, but late in the development of the game they decided to give it to him instead via an old man who tells him "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." "Lackattack24" is an addict gamer that completed entirely The Legend of Zelda in 30 minutes and 6 seconds 10 The second quest from the Legend of Zelda was an accident. This is all thanks to a programming mistake that left the cartridge with half of the memory free to use. CO DE The name Zelda was inspired by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. 11 The late Robin Williams named his daughter after Zelda. 12 13 The first Legend of Zelda almost didn't get a U.S. release because former Nintendo's President Minoru Arakawa didn't think Americans had enough patience to understand the game. 15 The Legend of Zelda was originally called The Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda in Japan, but it got shortened to Legend of Zelda. The Ocarina of Time was planned to be a first O person game, but because the developers knew gamers love seeing Link in action, they ultimately scrapped that idea. There is a hidden second quest in the first Zelda game. You can play this secret quest when you enter your name as "ZELDA", The Legend of Zelda was supposed to be a dungeon building simulator. Over time, the company decided to drop that aspect and build the dungeon themselves. 16 This Infographic is powered by: PURECOSTUMES TM .com 1-877-806-PURE FREE (Within the U.S.) 1-626-443-6188 (Outside the U.S) M-F| 8:30AM - 4:30PM PST f 8* P

16 Facts about Zelda

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This infographic was created by our Pure Costumes team to get our Zelda fans engaged. This project was created due to our new Zelda costumes license line.


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