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1 Year of Bigger, Fresher, Newer Games

1 Year of Bigger, Fresher, Newer Games on is equal to 5,959,810,000,000 kB of games downloaded. 360 kB ---I--- ----- 1.44 MB That's enough downloaded games to circle the earth more than 9 times with 3.5" floppies... ...or enough to reach to the moon and back 3 times over if you glued 5.25" edge to edge up into outer space. Bigger, Fresher, Newer games in the catalog: 105 It would take just over 2 days to download all of the indie games that we offered within a year of starting to sell newer games... Mac games a stack 5.25 meters high! JUNE 55 F 26 27 28 29 30 31 Indie games which would make a pile 2.75 meters high if we stacked up 1 box for each indie game. 9 0 M K k j4 15 16 K 4 b 20 a 22 23 4 26 26 N 4 29 30 1 ...but more than half a year of 40 hours weeks to play them all! We're larger than you think! Percentages of game sales compared to Steam. 25% 15% 10% 50/ 45% IndieGames Gamersgate Desura Origin We've given away 8,633,464 copies of games in 2012 including award-winning titles such as: Falleut DUKE NUKEM 3D Fallout: A Post Nuclear RPG Duke Nukem 3D It would take more than 90,000 years of playing these games as a full-time job for someone to play through all of the games that we gave away. 90,000 years ago was the middle of the stone age, right around the time we'd invented fishing rods. The Geico caveman could have kept himself amused since then with the games we've given away. In the past 12 months we've more than doubled our users! We have fulfilled .269,974 wishlist votes. We have content servers in 22 countries around the globe. We love our customers! 99.96% Customer Service response rate! for fast downloads and a fast website! 1 Year of Bigger, Fresher, Newer Games on

1 Year of Bigger, Fresher, Newer Games

shared by nicografico on Feb 19
A year ago, started to sell newer games; this infographic's purpose is to share how well the new games have been doing, as well as update the users on the fact that is bigger than they...



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