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You're Spending How Much on Coffee?

YOU'RE SPENDING HOW MUCH ON COFFEE? A study on how much that daily cup of joe is setting you back. VP: helping you make value-based decisions. 2013 U.S. Customers Bought. 2010 Cost of an Average Cup of Coffee 8 oz -12 oz Method of Coffee Preparation in the U.S. By Percentages' $1.80- $31 Billion Worth of COFFEE 1.60- 12% of US households Owneda single-oup browing 1.40- 52 syStem 1.20- PODS 1.00- 77% 0.80- $6 Billion Roasted worth of coffee 0.60- $2.5 Billion Worth of Instant 0.40- 0.20- Drip coffee maker Instant coffee Machine that uses a premeasured, sealed capsule IEspresso machine Other Coffee Drip coffee Keurig K75 Nespresso Dunkin Donuts Starbucks maker Vertuoline Small Coffee Tall Coffee Numbers Game DO YOU WANT THAT TO GO Conversion Chart We compared the price of making coffee at home and taking it to go in a Dixie PerfecTouch Grab 'N Go Paper 12 oz Cups & Lid ($0.16 each) to the price of coffee outside the house. x10,000,000 Daily Coffee Drinkers in the US (54% of population over 18) We get it, it's easier to buy coffee 1 Starbucks 4.5 Drip Coffees To-Go Tall Coffee $0.41 on the way to work, but we've calculated how much it would cost Drip $2.7 for you to make coffee at home and take it to go in a disposable cup. A Keurig K75 machine is $179.99. You would spend the same amount making two years of drip coffee. A Nespresso Vertuoline machine is $299. You would spend the same amount making over three years of drip coffee and over one year of Keurig coffee. If you skipped your morning Starbucks for 3 months, you would have enough money to buy a Keurig K75. If you skipped your morning Starbucks for 5 months, you would have enough money to buy a Nespresso Vertuoline. x10,000,000 ili 30 Million Americans drink specialty beverages (espresso, latte, etc.) $0.85 Keurig K75 $5.30 $1.11 2 Keurig Coffees To-Go of Americans Nespresso Vertuoline $7.77 drink a cup of coffee within the first hour $1.45 of waking up Dunkin Donuts Small Coffee $10.43 1.5 Nespresso Coffees To-Go $1.85 It's ALWAYS better to 0 AÅBÁÄÅÅÅÅ take your coffee from O home to-go Starbucks Tall Coffee $12.95 12 15 x1,000,000,000 Spent on specialty coffee in the U.S Price per day OPrice per week every year. IT ADDS UP! Woah, your coffee habit is basically a lifelong investment (one you're not building interest on). It's time to re-evaluate your coffee habits. What could have bought.. you 8,000- 40 Years 7,000- of Buying 1 Year of Buying Coffee Outside the House 20 Years of Coffee Outside the Houte Coffee Outside the House 6,000- 2.5 Years 5,000- A 16 GB iPad Air To the Superboul Two Tickets of Public to PARIS Four Year College In-State 4,000 3,000 CONCLUSION! 2,000 I Drip colfee maker O YOU'RE ALWAYS BETTER OFF MAKING COFFEE AT HOME, D WHETHER IT'S WITH A DRIP MACHINE, KEURIG, OR NESPRESSO Kaurig K75 O Nespresse Vertuoline H Dunkin Donuts Small Collee O Slarbucka Tall Collee 1,000- IF YOU'RE ALWAYS BUYING COFFEE AT STARBUCKS BECAUSE YOU One Year of Coffee PREFER GOURMET COFFEE, IT'S TIME TO INVEST IN A KEURIG OR Five Years Ten Years NESPRESSO To-Go 1. Edwarda, M, & Wai, P. National Colfee SOURCES Asodialion Drinking Trenda Sudy Pre Results 2010. NCA Markel Reearch Series 3. Collee Drinking Stolialies. (2014, Jonuary 1). Stalialic Brain RSS. Retrieved June 19, 2014, from hitp:// hitp:// Singleserve colles revolution bre industry lievehow muchyourmorning-colleeaddsupto 2. Gonzalez, A. (2014, February 15). change. The Seatle Times. ValuePenguin 4. leons from Juancho 10 and freevecior. CmOOD000o000000 000000000000 000000

You're Spending How Much on Coffee?

shared by sylvierb on Jun 21
A study on how much that daily cup of joe is setting you back.


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