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Your Guide to Healthy Snacking

Pre workat Smack idens for the Mening try cambining em to other pre workat svacks posted somd- where ardnd here pz-wertat snacks your target alories per smack is 200 Calories and belaw 6 Smacks that make you smarter Research shows that eating breakfast fter exertise burns extra dietury fat more dfiuindly Banona Almend Butter Vanilla Almond Smethie Avocado Rice Teast axid too much Sugar, high carb foods, greasy or fat filled food, red meat ¢ Other protein when trying to sleep have your bedttime swack 15-30 minutes bedure bed. whole wheat bread banana & greek yegurt the ideal time f eating breakfast is within 1 hour fram waking up Breakfast Befere gr fter a workat? By Lisa freedman at Whole grain cereal Cherry Maha Latte Smeothe Garzek Yoqurt, Fruit, and Cia Seeds Chips, sala, chese YES Gonna workaut scon YES A few more tips. baby carrots and peandts Just wake up NO cottage chesse Beries & chocolate NO NO could be sometime in the morning cheese with crackers Between meals? YES Snacks post-wortat snacks Im planing to After dinner? Peantt Wait 15 mints you can eat before bed butter tost sonething de? NO protein shake with banana This doesnt seem YES YES right, lets try again. YES nts YES NO greek yogurt Humms and vegies peant butter & banana on rice cakes cottege chese Wortaut? Planning to eat a Do it NO (just did ! gien veyetebles pre-werkant smocks your guide to snack? crackers NO leaithy Snacking hummus and pita Ent Brakfist berries start here yogurt and fresh berries whole whent bread Just taking a break from deing phypical wark? bavana bonana & grek yequrt YES tena an whele wheat 6 Smacks that make Goma sleep within 2 haurs fram now? smarter rou baby carrots and pennds cottage chese NO YES chese with crackers NO pre NO Chips, sala, chese grain cereal YES Just taking a break to rest your tired brain? YES Just taking a break to rest NO YES Beries & chocdlate Workad? Are you Hungry? your tired brain? Are you Hungry? NO post NO wait 5-30 mindes NO Peantt Has it been S-4 haurs YES Cranly Al ighte? post-workaut smacks butter toost since your last meal? NO NO Are you sure: Are protein shake mith barana YES Chewy Alrgne, ty 0000000000000004 Humms and vegges you enting. 1. To cope with your emotions 2. Out of boredom 3. Because other people are eating 4. Because food is there 5. Because it's a special occasion 6. Because you're tired 7. Because the clock says so 8. Because it's free (or cheap) 9. Because you can't say no to food pushers 10. Because you suffer from Clean Plate Syndrome Snacks to pull on all vighter YES Juicy pennt batter & branana an rice cakes one of these raw almond, granola bars, cut vegetables NO nds SOURCES peont butter dried fruit, V½ cup of boiled soybeans [1] Snack foods to satisfy your 9 types of hunger at peach, clementines, grape tomatoes 2] 10 reasons to eat when you're not actually hungry by Enn Whitehead, Health and Fitness writer, Sweet humms and pita pretzel sticks, dry roasted peanuts Sarry yegurt and fresh berries 3] 6 Snacks you can eat before bed- [4] 4 Best foods to eat before bed by joel marion. CISSN. Filing skinless chicken breast [5] 6 Snacks that make you smarter - cooked fruit, chocolate covered raisins YES tuna an whele wheat [6] 6 Smart snacks for after your workout By Lisa Kovalovich Whitmore tou Remember, you're the ome holding the fork. If you, despite all your efforts can't avoid eating under these circumstances, at least keep it under your control. mufin pizza, buffalo jerky One 7 Hot to choose pre-workout snack, Do's and don't's of pre-work out snack by Jenny Sugar at [8] Pre-Workout Snack Ideas For the Moming by Leta Shy peanut butter & celery, hummus & 191 Great Foods to Eat When Pulling an All-Nighter By Serena Styles, Demand Media pita, oatmeal, fruit smoothie Hot "atural sugars (fruits and fruit juice are good For more tips, check out my sources baked apple w/ cinnamon, banana foster frozen peas, frozen viue berries GOURMANDIA

Your Guide to Healthy Snacking

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Right snacks + right amount + right time= healthy lifestyle. Find out how. It is important to make your snacks as nutritious as possible and relatively low in calories and fat to avoid weight gain.


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