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Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

would like a tea? you spot of it all starts with the camellia sinensis } Like wine, all ted comes from the same plant. There are about 200 different species of the tea plant around the world. DID YOU KNOW that tea rehydrates better than water? lighter 12 percent fermentation: 11 white 0% 10 green 20% oolong 65% black 100% time Ermentation darker Today, the Indian tea industry is one of the most flour- ishing and influen- tial branches of the The tea ceremony Japanese tea The British started The Russian popula- in Chinese culture ceremonies are the tradition of tion customarily reflects the search held in the "tea- adding milk to their black tea. Afternoon Tea (3-5 PM): aristocracy ate only twice in a day; afternoon tea, served with a light meal, was intended to abate hunger. High Tea (5-7 PM) : This is actually an early dinner which drinks black tea. for beauty in every object of the world, in accordance with room", which every traditional home They tend to prep- are a strong con- centrate of black has. It is designed in the spirit of the Zen doctrine, Thus, Indian economy. the Tao philosophy. It must be held in a peaceful space and induces a sense of Indians customarily drink black tea with tea, which is kept in a teapot next to the samovar (a large metal container for it focuses on small milk, an English custom that remain- tranquility among participants. details, meant to induce a sense of serenity and ed as a testimony to the British hot water). The concentrated tea is harmony among the host(s) and the diluted with water by personal preference. Samovar colonial rule over India. Chiginal guosts.on E includes tea. Teu cefimony dea 3 harmony prodiction white green oolong black 6- 25 8 - 36 12 - 55 (mg) 8- 36 Total export in 2010 (in million kg) Kenya (441.02) WHY DRINK TEA? Tea contains antioxidants China (302.42) Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke Sri Lanka (298.59) Tea protects your bones Tea is calorie-free and India (193.29) 4. speeds up your metabolism Tea bolsters your immune defenses Vietnam (98.00) Tea keeps you hydrated designed by Una Kravets RESOURCES: Countries Grow_the_Most_Tea traditions caffeine

Would You Like a Spot of Tea?

shared by Unax3 on Feb 20
An infographic about my favorite beverage :)


Una Kravets


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