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World's Weirdest Foods

WORLD'S WEIRDEST FOODS If you're planning on trying some of the weird and wonderful foods mentioned below, it's a good idea to make sure you are covered with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. This should include at least £2 million in medical cover and features such as emergency repatriation, etc. 3 1) AFRICA Queen termite Boerewors Cooked in palm oil, this dish is This dish, which is popular in parts of Africa, is composed considered a delicacy in parts of Africa. Locating of barbecued sheep and cow the queen can take hours of work, so the reward must be good! intestines, Curried caterpillars Gorilla brains and hearts Crocodile meat flavoured with plants, including cacti. Consumed in Ethiopia and South Africa, crocodile meat Across Southern Africa, tins of caterpillars preserved in brine can be found in rural supermarkets. The caterpillars in question are Mopane worms, which can be picked fresh from trees and pickled, dried or smoked before being served in curry sauce. They've been described as tasting something like honey-barbecued In Cameroon, the Anyang Tribe has a custom of honouring is said to be very its new chief with a nutritious, with a dish of gorilla's brains. delicate flavour The other senior somewhere between members of the group chicken and crab. are served the heart. chicken. SOUTH EAST ASIA 2) MONKEY'S BRAINS FISH SPERM (SHIRAKO) In many parts of Asia, monkey A delicacy in Japan, this dish is composed of the brains are male reproductive organs considered a cure of fish, complete with bodily fluids. This is popular dish in Japan, for impotence and SNAKE / SCORPION / SEAHORSE WINE 'RUOU THUOC' LIVE FROG CENTURY EGG a tasty treat. The brains are served and can be found in In South Korea and Japan, live frog sushi is a popular delicacy. The unfortunate Although a century cooked, raw or, on pubs, bars and egg is not quite 100 years old, it's definitely passed its best! occasi living. restaurants across the In Vietnam, poisonous species are used to "flavour" rice wine and pass on properties, such as vitality, to whoever drinks the liquor. The bodies are either added to the country creature is chopped up and served with Chinese chefs encase the duck eggs inside clay for many months, until the yoke turns black, then serve a garnish, or alternatively, its beverage whole or have their heart is eaten while 'essence'extracted. The alcohol still beating! them as a delicacy. within the wine works to counteract the effect of the poison. 3) SOUTH AMERICA CURRIED ARMADILLO AND IGUANA A dish from Trinidad. The armadillos and iguanas are caught in the jungle, prepared and cooked with curry sauce. CUY CHACTAO - FRIED GUINEA PIG GAS CULONAS Popular in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, fried guinea pig has been eaten for thousands of Also known as Big Butt Ants, Hormigas Culonas are a speciality in Santander, Columbia. They are harvested during Holy Week following years. Since the 1960s, South American government have attempted to export guinea pig meat, heavy rains, then toasted, salted and eaten like peanuts. but with limited success. EUROPE (4 STEAK TARTARE Raw horse meat or beef is finely ground and served with onions, spices and raw egg. This dish is popular in France, Italy and Germany - and isn't too hard to find in the UK, either. MAGGOT CHEESE COLD JELLIED PIGS' FEET Casu Marzu is a type of Italian cheese containing live maggots. These are deliberately introduced to initiate decomposition within the cheese. The maggots can either be removed from the cheese before consumption or left to add extra flavour. A popular dish in Poland, the feet (or 'trotters') are simmered with herbs until the meat slips off the bone. The bone is then removed and the soft meat is preserved in gelatine. It can be spread on bread and eaten cold. 5) ARCTIC REGION/SCANDINAVIA GARNATÁLG PUFFIN Traditionally served in the Faroe Islands, Puffin is a staple food for inhabitants of the Arctic the dish consists of offal wrapped region, from Greenland POLAR BEAR ROTTEN BIRDS (KIVIAQ) ROTTEN SHARK in caul (embryonic tissue). to the Faroe Natives of the Arctic region Fermented seabirds are A particular favourite in Islands popular in Greenland. Between Iceland, Hakarl consists of have been consuming polar bears for centuries. Despite the fact the species is 300 and 500 Auk birds are sewn Greenland or sleeper shark inside a seal-skin pouch and left to rot for up to 18 months. Traditionally, this dish is which has been fermented and endangered and eating it is fraught with health problems, the meat continues to form part of the Inuit diet to this day. hung to dry for several months. It has a strong taste, consumed outside as the smell described as a mixture of fish is too overpowering for it to be and cheese, and is readily available throughout Iceland. eaten indoors. The Risks of Exotic Foods Transmission of disease Poisoning Consuming certain types of animal or particular organs can carry a high risk of disease. For example, consuming monkey The livers of polar bears are poisonous to most people as they contain intolerable levels of vitamin A. Consuming more than just an ounce a month can kill a grown man. Eating the liver can cause all the skin on the human body to peel off. Extreme causes of poisoning will cause coma and death. The condition is known as acute hypervitaminosis. brains can result in the contraction of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSES), an infection that turns the human brain into something akin to Swiss cheese.. Ostrich and crocodile meat served in Africa carries the risk of infectious diseases, such as chlamydia and salmonellae. Certain types of tropical fish are very risky and may cause ciguatera fish poisoning. Fugu or puffer fish is a delicacy in Southeast Asia, but when not prepared properly, it is deadly. Parasites Contamination (biological) Polar Bear meat carries a nasty parasite, known as trichinella. This parasite causes fatigue, muscle weakness and swelling. Inuit consumers of polar bear flesh are thought to be more tolerant of this parasite and thus consumption of the flesh poses fewer problems. Cross contamination can occur anywhere, but it is more likely to occur in countries without effective regulation of food. Meat in South Africa is often found to contain human DNA. It is thought this contamination occurs as a result of slaughterhouse workers cutting themselves. Contamination (chemical) Copper poisoning is a big risk in Southeast Asia. It results from either acidic food being cooked in uncoated copper vessels or from contamination of water. Copper contamination can cause cirrhosis of the liver and is linked to Alzheimer's Disease. In 2012, two Canadian tourists were found dead in Where food has been stored badly and exposed to vermin, rat contamination can occur, causing ratbite fever. This disease has been reported only in Asia. their hotel room in Thailand. It is believed they consumed copper-contaminated food or water. Precautions when you're far from home Avoid cooked foods that are not piping hot Look for popular food outlets This is a great method for identifying good Foods that have been precooked are a major source of infection anywhere in the world. All food sources of food. If a consumed should be freshly cooked and piping hot to avoid food poisoning. restaurant is popular (especially with locals), its food is unlikely to make you ill. Watch as your meal is cooked Clean water Never eat uncooked fruit or vegetables / avoid salads Never drink tap water in developing countries, unless it is boiled, filtered and disinfected. At normal altitudes, water should be rigorously boiled for one minute, but the length of time should increase the higher you venture. Avoid any drink Seeing your food being cooked in front of you is often far better than being served something As a rule, if a fruit or vegetable is not peeled and cooked, it should never be that has been eaten. It might have been contaminated by dirty water or contain traces of toxic substances on their skins. cooked behind that is served with ice or that has not been decanted from a branded bottle in front of you. closed doors. You'll be able to gauge the freshness of the ingredients and ensure the food is cooked through. MoneySupermarket comákarlálg snakescorpionricewinesleavebitingheadache.html mandnainmeatproductsquitelikely NoemiBelangerdeadThaihotelroomsuspectedpoisoning.html http:// pretravelconsultation/waterdisinfectionfortravelers.htm

World's Weirdest Foods

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