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Worlds Strongest and Strangest Beers

World's Strongest Strangest Beers GLOBAL BEER MARKET: SHARE OF PRODUCTION BY CONTINENT (2008) •1.2% 5.0% Australia Africa 32.2% 31.7% 11.0% 19.0% Europe South America Asia North America THE STRONGEST BEERS Same alcoholic value of. BROUWERIJ 'T KOELSCHIP START THE FUTURE 12 BREWDOG THE END OF HISTORY 11 SCHORSCHBRÄU SCHORSCHBOCK 43% 8.8 BREWDOG SINK THE BISMARCK 8.2 SCHORSCHBRÄU SCHORSCHBOCK 40% REVELATION CAT FREEZE THE PENGUIN BREWDOG TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN 6.4 MIKKELLER (HEAVY BLACK) 6.2 SCHORSCHBRÄU 31% 6.1 SÜDSTERN XXL 5.5 bottles of Budweiser (ABV 5%) % ABV ALCOHOL BY VOLUME is a standard measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in an alcoholic beverage (expressed as a percentage of total volume). The ABV standard is used worldwide. ΤΥΡΕ of eategories ype Each beer is categorized by the Standard Reference Method, or SRM, which assesses a beer's darkness. SRM 1. LIGHT LAGER 2. PILSNER 3. EUROPEAN AMBER LAGER 4. DARK LAGER . 5. BOCK 6. LIGHT HYBRID BEER 7. AMBER HYBRID BEER 8. ENGLISH PALE ALE 9. SCOTTISH AND IRISH ALE 10. AMERICAN ALE 11. ENGLISH BROWN ALE 12. PORTER 000● 13. STOUT 14. INDIA PALE ALE (IPA) 15. GERMAN WHEAT AND RYE BEER 16. BELGIAN AND FRENCH ALE 17. SOUR ALE 18. BELGIAN STRONG ALE 19. STRONG ALE 20. FRUIT BEERO 0O 21. SPICE / HERB / VEGETABLE BEER 22. SMOKE-FLAVORED, WOOD-AGED BEER SPECIALTY BEERO KINGDOM STONE SMOKED PORTER MAMMA MIA! PIZZA BEER గడ ాడ డర MOR BRAZ tomato, oregano CHOCOLATE DONUT BEER basil and garlic vanilla, caramel smoke chocolate LA BIÈRE CIDRÉE 4.6% ABV 5.9% ABV seawater extracts 6% ABV THE STRANGEST BEERS 7% ABV mustard seeds 7% ABV bananas 5.4% ABV 6.8% ABV SMISJE WOSTYNTJE chipotle coriander peppers thyme, cloves rosemary basil, white pepper SAISON DU BUFF SPRECHER MBEGE CHIPOTLE ALE VEGETABLE KIN ంా term Sources: Beverage Marketing Corporation | | | | | Information provided by: LIFE insurance 09 43.38 32 31.1 31 27.6 39.44 YSTER STOUT fresh oyster ANIMAL KINGDOM MIKKELLER coffee made оут-0sром с trom droppings 10.9% ABV 4.8% AB. PUNKIN ALE 7% ABV** 78 ABV 5.7% ABV bumpkin 7% ABV sugar ginger and spic GINGER ALE GOOD HUMBOLDT BROWN NECTAR ALES hem rose hips chamomile RABBID RABBIT

Worlds Strongest and Strangest Beers

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
This infographic provides information about beers. It lists beers by type of beer and shows what are some of the strongest and strangest beers in todays market. It lists the strongest beer and shows w...


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