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The World's Biggest Vegetables And How To Grow Them

THE WORLD'S BIGGEST VEGETABLES AND HOW TO GROW THEM PUMPKIN 1054 kg AVERAGE PUMPKIN WEIGHT BENI MEIER 2014 6.8KG CABBAGE 62.71 kg SCOTT AVERAGE CABBAGE WEIGHT А. ROBB 1KG 2012 CUCUMBER 12.9 kg DAVID AVERAGE CUCUMBER WEIGHT THOMAS 0.31KG 2015 CARROT 9.1 kg РЕTER AVERAGE CARROT WEIGHT GLAZENBROOK 0.079KG 2014 РОТАТО 4,98 "kg PETER AVERAGE POTATO WEIGHT GLAZENBROOK 0.185KG 2011 ТОМАТО 3.8 kg DAN AVERAGE TOMATO WEIGHT MCCOY 0.10KG 2014 HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN GIANT TOMATO Doing your research and planning ahead will pay dividends. Finding out about the techniques that have worked for experts can really help guide you to grow your own giants and there are different techniques depending on what you want to grow! We have used the popular tomato as an example! 12 Choose The Right Seed Prepare The Soil If you want your tomatoes to grow to mammoth sizes it is essential you start with the right seeds. Giant tomato The soil must be prepared in advance in Autumn by digging with well-rotted manure. Towards mid-February seed varieties are easy to find and are the important it can then be rotovated with compost, manure and fırst step! peat-moss (to prevent fungus growth) before being left to settle. Where To Grow Germination The plants are best grown under cover to keep the soil Soaking seeds in a 10% solution of hydrogen peroxide warm and prevent frost. Start by planting the seed in a before placing in a warm location on a wet paper towel is pot close to the surface of the soil before moving to the a good way to start things off. Once sprouts appear, prepared soil in your greenhouse. If grown outside take move to a warm area between 24-27 degrees Celsius to care to introduce the plant to the elements! continue growth before potting. Fertilize Along The Way Control Watering Some professional growers recommend using a The soil must be moist, but not over-watered: too much 10-52-10 fertilizer for when the plant is put into its site water can cause the fruit to crack but not enough results to promote root growth, as well as using water soluble in restricted growth and rotting. Watering should be 20-20-20 fertilizer when watering. even and deep in the soil for the biggest tomatoes to grow! Protection Remove Suckers You have to take care to protect your tomato plants - Suckers (sprouts that grow between branches and the keeping the temperature optimal, protecting from wind if stem) take nutrients away from your plant and so should growing outside and keeping the bugs away. Protecting be removed when they are young in order to give your the base of the plant with a hollowed tin can help to giant veg the energy it needs to grow. keep the plant protected from attackers. Support Your Plant Inspect Your Plant The growing plant should be supported with a cane or a When the plant flowers, pinch off the first couple of cage and individual fruits must be supported too. A clusters to ensure that the tomatoes will be kept off the sponge or net can be used to prop up the tomatoes and prevent individual fruit from breaking off! ground. A stem with 2 flowers that have fused together to become a 'megabloom' are perfect for giant tomato growth but are rare so inspect the plant to recognise these. Be Selective Although it may be hard to bring yourself to do, picking 2-3 of the healthiest tomatoes to keep on your plant will ensure that they receive enough nutrients to grow optimally. Eventually you can narrow this down to just the largest offering. SOURCES AND REFERENCES The Greenhouse People

The World's Biggest Vegetables And How To Grow Them

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Exploring the world record breaking vegetables that have been grown - pumpkins the size of cars and cucumbers the weight of small children, plus how to grow your own giant tomato at home!


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